Ducati Monster 600 Cafe Racer by Wrench ‘n’ Wheels

Ducati Monster 600 Cafe Racer

We’re thrilled to showcase “Wind Rose,” a Ducati Monster 600 cafe racer built by Wrench ‘n’ Wheels, a workshop based in Ponte de Lima, Portugal–the country’s oldest village. Founder Pedro Caçote, a P.E. teacher by day, describes himself as a “semi-pro” builder, aspiring to be a pro.

“We believe that the magic lives in the little details of each bike, so we are professional, operational and passionate about everything that has two wheels.”

Ducati Wind Rose

The shop consists of Pedro, his father, and Abilio–a mechanic with four decades of experience. “Wind Rose” is inspired by two things we love:  WWII aircraft and 1930s Bugatti design. What a combination! In our opinion, this machine has all the hallmarks of a “break-through” build. As Pedro says:

“The Wind Rose proves that good winds lead to good roads, and we believe that this Ducati has everything to take us.”

We’re honored to publish this full interview with the man behind the machine.

Interview:  Wrench ‘n’ Wheels

Wrench N Wheels Ducati

Who are you?
My name is Pedro Caçote. I am a physical education teacher and I have loved bikes since I was a kid, always followed bike magazines and worked on them as much as possible, as a hobby, which increasingly became more serious.

Where are you from?
Viana do Castelo, on the north of Portugal. Our workshop is in Ponte de Lima, and our village is the oldest in Portugal.

What do you do?
We do all kinds of work, but we dedicate part of our time to bike customization, making projects for clients as well as bikes and mechanical restoration treatment.


Are you a pro / amateur / semi-pro / new-kid-on-the-block?
In comparison with many brands, we know that we are not at the highest level, but we believe that we are close to the best, so we consider ourselves a semi-pro running to be a Pro.

Who else worked with you, are you the one man operation or a team / group / mates, etc?
I work with Abilio. He is a bike mechanic with over 40 years of experience, and with my dad. Each one of us has its part of Wrench ‘n’ Wheels–each one lives this dream on his proper way, but we live this dream as a whole.

How can readers reach you?

Wrench ‘n’ Wheels Ducati Wind Rose


Why did you build this bike and what was your vision?
Wind Rose WW-3 Wrench ‘n’ Wheels, was created with the details, and above all the aerodynamics of a warplane. We wanted to create a different Ducati, bold, and not just put in some spoked wheels. We wanted to make it more streamlined, more stable and symmetrical and lightweight, while keeping the original features.

Where did it come from?
Customer bike, this bike arrives from Viana do Castelo customer who wanted to do something with his Ducati Monster.

What was the design brief/vision?
When the client came to us, we realized that he wanted a different motorcycle from all the Ducatis that we have seen. We wanted to try to make this Ducati better than she already was; we tried to realize that the modification not only consisted of placing spoked wheels, etc, but going with a whole new concept. We realized that this Ducati has a single frame, which we didn’t want to lose in any way. We wanted to give to this frame something new, and the inspiration came from World War II aircraft and Bugatti 1930s design.


What’s the bike donor, make model, year, cc?
Ducati Monster 600cc 1996

What did you do to the bike?
A reinforcement for the same subframe, a Ducati GT tank, and the unique handmade part of the seat in Inox that we shaped from an original structure.

Originally, this bike had a single framework, which we didn’t want to lose. When someone looked at it, it has to be clear that it was a Ducati. We set up on the frame, a new structure where the new tank and the seat fixed in as a strange kind of a bratstyle.


We lost days and nights to do the handmade rear steel plate, until we get to the end result, without any kind of machine. We use it to fix turn signals and stop lights with internal supports, and of course the seat for two. We were inspired by the 1930s Bugattis, where the seat meets the engine. All electrical parts are also hiding beside battery and air filter under the tank. Such a complicated part!


The 17-inch spoked wheel gives this Ducati as a cleaner look, without losing the classiness, making this Ducati a modern bike with touches of the past. We put in the blinkers and Motogadget handles, and also an old-school number plate like the classic bikes from the 60s, keeping the original light and making only a new support for it. We inscribed the details of the bike on the top triple:

The rearsets were made by us and adjusted to the owner, and we arranged all the instruments and controls with simplicity being the guiding force. The fenders are original; we only kept them shorter for this bike.

For the sound we wanted, something effective without losing performance and strength, we chose two Spark exhausts of 425mm.

Ducati Wind Rose:  Full Specs

  • New seat – handmade custom
  • Back and Front Mud Guard – handmade
  • Gas tank painting – Correia Paint
  • New advances
  • New handgrips – Brooks Color Red
  • New back light adaptation in Led
  • New manometer support – handmade custom (Wrench ‘n Wheels)
  • New hoop- excel takasago
  • New spoked rims front and back- 17 “17”
  • New tires – Michelin Pilot Road 4
  • New wheels adaptations 17 “17” – Turner / (Wrench ‘n Wheels)
  • New hubs for wheels adjustment – Cube XT660
  • New line exhaust- Spark
  • New Filters- MW-R
  • New Support enrolled (Wrench ‘n Wheels)
  • New gauge. Motogadget
  • New battery support- (Wrench ‘n Wheels)
  • New motor paint – Correia Paint
  • New turn signals – Motogadet
  • New rear view- Motogadget
  • New Gas Tank- Ducati Gt (Wrench ‘n Wheels)
  • New seat part – unique piece- Handmade by Wrench n Wheels
  • New Rearset – Handmade by Wrench n Wheels

Any unique signature features?
The seat, we believed that is a unique piece. Not only the second bank but also the structure and the way it was done. We felt that the way the light / turn signals are placed gives it a unique touch, and we know that its quality is proportional to the hours of sleep that we lost with this detail.


How would you describe the bike now?
The final product is certainly a Cafe Racer. With the addition of all components and even accommodating two riders, it does not cease to be. We do have a Ducati Monster, different from all others that we’ve seen, but with simple, beautiful, and practical touches that give you the statement that we needed in this work.

Tell us about the finish, logos, design.
The design was made by Nuno Capelo, “Capelo’s Garage,” who drew the bike so we could see how it was going to be. It was really a challenge to leave it the same as the project, because it is always easier to put ideas on a computer than in reality.


How does the bike ride?
Incredibly well. It is an easygoing bike. We managed to create something that never been done before, cunning but stable, permeable, aerodynamic and capable. Its 600cc engine with this new structure brings a new meaning on the roads.

Are you and the customer happy?
Ducati Wind Rose is not only a motorcycle for us, it was a changing point, the confirmation that we have the ability to create something even more daring with unique details, and we are able to differentiate this Ducati with single details.
The Wind Rose proves that good winds lead to good roads and we believe that this Ducati has everything to take us. We are all happy, we have created something that we would never think possible, and now we have the feeling of “mission accomplished.”

What will you do next?
Now we are working on WW-5, The Shoot. A BMW K1100 from Switzerland, which will return there in a Bratstyle with classic touches to keep it more clean and light as well.


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