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Arizona’s Droog Moto has quickly established their own rough-and-ready style, building post-apocalyptic desert sleds that put the “wild” back in the Wild West.  Now the husband/wife team of Max and Erica Droog is back with a slight departure from their knobby-tired norm:  a Yamaha FZ09 street tracker/fighter/hooligan machine nicknamed the “Street Sled.” This is one of their personal street bikes, and it looks like a three-bore blast of fun.

The Yamaha FZ-09 (MT-09 outside of North America) makes a great platform for such a build. It has a 115-hp inline triple, and we all know that there is something inherently sexy about three cylinders instead of two or four.  Cycle World ranked the bike the “Best Standard of 2015,” and Roland Sands based his incredible RSD Wasp on the platform. Even Yamaha themselves launched a Sport Tracker edition for the Euro market — a sort of MT-09 street tracker.

Initially, the Droog duo envisioned a burly desert sled of a machine. However, the low oil pan steered them toward a more street-based build. Below, we get the full scoop from Droog Moto on this genre-busting build.

Droog Moto FZ-09 “Street Sled”:  In the Builder’s Words

I purchased this bike about two years ago when I was working as a Service Writer at a BMW Moto Dealer. It came in on trade with like 1100 miles on it. I had never ridden one, but given the reviews and response it was getting, I was pretty much sold.

The bike started life in the graphite color with what Yamaha calls “blurple” wheels. I was going to sell the bike because I honestly had no idea what to do with it. The powerplant that Yamaha put into this bike is simply amazing. You have three different ride modes, it’s incredibly light, and the best part it’s a triple!

We at first wanted to do a big burly desert sled out of it, but it has such a low oil pan and exhaust setup it’s best used for the street. We first stripped the gas tank down, as we usually do to give it that rad raw aged look. This one was a bit different as the bike was pretty much brand new, we are used to stripping 30+ year old gas tanks.

Once stripped, we got to work on the rear of the bike. We decided on an integrated tail light into the subframe hoop which gives the Sled a nice clean look. We re-worked the subframe and added some 1/8” siding to put our electronics into and do something a bit different for seat mounts.

Moving forward we did a hand built tracker plate and front fender. We had a local friend who does CNC work cut out the opening for a 6 pod LED headlight. The tracker plate was then given a makeover to make it look old and ratty.

Lastly, we wanted a high-mount exhaust. We had seen that Akrapovic made one for the XSR and the MT-09 but wasn’t a fan of how it flowed. We wanted it tight to the bike and very minimalistic. The pipe has a lot of bends to it, but in our opinion flows very well with the lines of the bike and it sounds just as aggressive as the bike looks.

Happy to have this bad boy as one of our personal bikes! This will probably be our last build out of Phoenix, AZ. We are planning a big move to the PNW so stay tuned for some rad shit! 🙂

-Droog Moto

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