“Revive”: BMW K100 Street Scrambler by David Ewen

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

When BMW Motorrad set out to develop the liquid-cooled K100, they had no idea the bike would be part of a global customization revival some forty years later. However, the “Flying Brick” has become a favorite of many custom builders and riders, who fancy the machine’s 95-horsepower engine, brawny styling, and stable chassis.

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

Enter David Ewen of the UK — just such a builder. David earned his motorcycle just over a year ago. While most new riders would simply buy whatever motorcycle the local dealer or instructor recommended, David went quite a few steps farther. Believe it or not, this 1985 BMW K100 isn’t just his first build, it’s his first motorcycle, and the donor had seen (much, much) better days:

“I built the bike for myself in a 3x3m workshop in the bottom of my garden from a fire damaged K100 with 46,000 miles and 10 previous owners that hadn’t been on the road for 6 years.”

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

However, David knew he wanted a BMW, and not just something new from the showroom floor. Rather, he wanted more of a classic look — something more along the lines of the red Indian 101 Scout from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button than anything off-the-shelf. So David set out to build the bike himself.

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

In the process, he went through the entire bike, stripping it down to the block and replacing every last seal, gasket, bearing, and cable. We can’t think of a better, more inspiring way to step into the motorcycling world, nor a more appropriate name for the finished machine:  “Revive.” Below, we get the full story on this BMW “street scrambler,” along with some beautiful photos from Niall Porter Photography.

BMW Street Scrambler: In the Builder’s Words

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

I built the bike for myself in a 3x3m workshop in the bottom of my garden from a fire damaged K100 with 46,000 miles and 10 previous owners that hadn’t been on the road for 6 years. It’s my first Motorcycle and my first build. I passed my test in February 2018 and didn’t fully fancy anything off-the-shelf but knew I wanted a BMW.

bMW K100 Street Scrambler

Inspired by the scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where Benjamin (Brad Pitt) rides the red Indian 101 Scout one handed down the road, helmet-less and wearing aviators, I knew the classic look was for me. The difficulty was making the bike appear older than its original mid 80’s touring form and getting around the arguably strange and sharp tank lines the K100 bears once fully naked, but I could picture it well in my mind. I wanted it to be functional and comfortable as it would also become my daily ride. I’ve been through the whole bike, splitting down to just the block and head, still mated, then restored my way back up replacing every seal, gasket, bearing and cable and freshly painting every component.

bMW K100 Street Scrambler


Some details on installed parts below:

– Acewell CA085 Speedometer
– LSL Street Bars
– Motogadget M-Blaze Pin front and rear indicators
– Shinyo Headlight
– Goodridge Stainless steel brake hoses
– Bar End Indicators
– C4R Fuel Cap
– JMT Lithium Ion battery
– Custom Seat
– Custom expansion bottle
– Custom Frame Bags
– Custom front mudguard
– C4R 4to1 Exhaust
– Hagon rear shock
– Custom Numberpate and Tail Light mount
– Heidenau K60 Tyres
– Emerald Metallic Paint and Black Gloss (can disclose full colour)

bMW K100 Street Scrambler bMW K100 Street Scrambler

Follow the Builder

Builder: @djewen
Photography: @niall.porter



  1. Great build and very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. I followed this build on Motobrick.com.

  2. Hey,
    Is there any way I can get contact of someone who built the seat for and side tool kit?
    I have the same 1985 K100rs.

  3. Great job David. Loving the leatherwork. Cool to see a bike built for yourself and not a generic throw together. I would ride this. A K75 was high on my shopping list as a first project before a was seduced by baby Hondas. Maybe the next one…

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