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Honda CB550 Custom Roadster

Hello Darkness: Honda CB550 by MONNOM Customs

“It’s easy to make a bike visually scream, it’s much harder to make it sing.” Many enthusiasts regard Honda’s CB550 as the perfect vintage four:  light, agile, surprisingly quick, and exquisitely balanced in both handling […]

Restomod Honda CBX

Hyabusa CBX by Roland Skate

Pipe Dreams: Six of them… In 1978, Honda unveiled the CBX, powered by a 1047cc, 24-valve six-cylinder engine that made 105 hp at the crank. At the time, Honda had been making steady progress in […]

Honda XR600R Scrambler

XLsinore: Honda XR600R Scrambler

The Honda XR600R was one of the most successful dirt bikes of all time, an air-cooled beast built from 1985 to 2000 — a wildly successful machine in both the desert and the woods. Out […]

Yamaha TT600R Scrambler

Hot Rod Enduro: The Motorieep 590TT

The Yamaha TT600RE was an air-cooled, street-legal enduro available from 2003-2007, featuring a 42-hp engine, electric start, and dual-stage carburetion.  The engine was essentially an XT600 unit, highly praised for its toughness and torque: “The […]