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  • New Motorcycle Stoppie Trainer

    New Motorcycle Stoppie Trainer

    Check out this unique safety training device for motorcycles made by a UK company called Stunt Asylum. The device is similar to training wheels but much more elaborate.  It enables riders to practice stoppies–stopping so […]

  • 3D Printed Harley Davidson!

    3D Printed Harley Davidson!

    After 1000 hours and $25,000, TD Connectivity LTD successfully created a replica Harley Davidson using a 3D printer. The 1HP motorcycle is fully functional and can even carry two grown adults, or four hundred pounds. […]

  • Study Reveals Powersports Buying Statistics

    Study Reveals Powersports Buying Statistics

    The financial company Synchrony Financial recently held a study on powersports buyers. The study revealed that most powersports buyers would be against buying their powersport vehicle of choice, whether it be ATV, motorcycle, scooter, or […]

  • Honda RC213V-S: MotoGP for Motorway?

    Honda RC213V-S: MotoGP for Motorway?

    It’s finally almost here. Honda’s hotly anticipated new RC213V-S road bike is widely expected to be coming out soon, to the excitement of fans of the motorbike company and MotoGP champion Marc Marquez. Honda has […]

  • “Manifold Destiny” on a Boxer Engine

    “Manifold Destiny” on a Boxer Engine

    Well, you might have wondered what was the logic behind the boxer engine design. Better low-end torque? Equal airflow to cylinders? Lower center of gravity? Nope, turns out it’s so you can grill your dogs […]

  • Look, Son! No Hands!

    Look, Son! No Hands!

    You never know what you are going to see when you get up in the morning. The local residents of this small town certainly didn’t expect to see a toddler driving a man down the […]