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Custom Yamaha XJR1300 Brat Tracker

Yamaha XJR1300 Brat Tracker by Espiat

The Yamaha XJR1300 was a throwback:  an old-school, air-cooled muscle bike that looked like it could go toe-to-toe with a Grizzly bear. The big inline four offered 106 horsepower, good for a quarter mile time […]

Suzuki GS650GT Custom

Suzuki GS650GT Custom by Esther Schuijt

We love hearing the stories of first-time builders and riders. There’s nothing like the relationship you forge with that first motorcycle you own — particularly when you wrench on the bike yourself. In an era […]

Peugeot Flat Tracker

Peugeot 150 Tracker by BCKustoms

A French flat tracker from a former Ducati racing mechanic… In recent years, flat track has exploded in popularity across the globe. American Flat Track attendance is up, Indian has reentered the fray to challenge […]

BMW R65 Street Tracker

BMW R65 Street Tracker by Magnum Opus

For Sale: BMW R65 inspired by the most successful rally car of all time… When a string of accidents spelled the end of Group B rallying in 1986, the carmakers focused on the production class, […]

Metisse Desert Sled

Rickman Metisse Desert Sled by Chelsea Borchert

A street-legal Rickman Metisse desert sled influenced by Steve McQueen… In the early 1960s, the deserts of Southern California were alive with the sound of Triumph twins, BSA singles, and other British-built machines streaking toward […]

Sportster Super Hooligan

Sportster Super Hooligan by Gunn Design

A Street-Legal Super Hooligan from the North Star State… The RSD Super Hooligan National Championship Series (SHNC) has exploded in popularity, pitting 750cc and up street bikes head-to-head on dirt tracks and TT courses across […]

Honda NX650 Dakar

Honda NX650 Dakar by Cafe Racer SSpirit

“You can see yourself on this bike from Paris to Dakar like all hell is behind you.” The Honda NX650 Dominator has become a popular platform for custom builds worldwide. The 45-horsepower thumper is tough, […]

MZ Skorpion Cafe Racer

MZ Skorpion Cafe Racer by Mario Deuse

660cc, Big Single Cafe Racer from East Germany! Germany’s MZ has to be one of the most interesting motorcycle manufacturers in history. The company was owned by the East German state in Cold War era, […]

Suzuki DR200 Scrambler

Suzuki DR200 Street Scrambler by Bergnco

“Johnny Lightning” — built to cut through fields on a traffic-infested daily commute… The Suzuki DR series has earned a reputation for bombproof performance both on and off road. While the DR200 doesn’t pack the […]