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BMW R100 Tracker

BMW R100 Tracker by Garage Sheriff

We are thrilled to bring you guys this handsome-as-heck BMW R100RT tracker, which was largely a father/son project between Charles-Élie Dumontier of Montreal’s Garage Sheriff and his dad. As you may know, the R100RT was […]

Honda NX650 Adventure Tracker

Honda NX650 Adventure Tracker by Tobias Mayr

1988 Honda NX650 sporting Land Rover headlights, cellphone-programmable electronics, a Reinschüssel–giant fuel tank–and even a power jack, so Tobi’s friends “can charge their iPhones to keep up with their Pinterest bulls–t.”

KTM Tracker

KTM “HiRider” by Engineered to Slide

The KTM “HiRider” by Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide started as a basket-case KTM 250 SX-F. As Nigel says: “If you can’t buy it, you must build it. We took a box of parts and some sheetmetal and came up with a good time on two wheels. It’s as simple as that.”