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BMW K100 Cafe Racer

Stig Frydenberg’s BMW K100: “Optimus”

Have you got a bobber, tracker, cafe racer, streetfighter, scrambler, chopper, motard, or brat you’d like to share with the world?

If so, let us know! We want to feature YOUR craftsmanship, YOUR hard work, and YOUR machine on BikeBound. Shop-built or yard-built, spit-polished or road-grunged, we simply want bikes that GET RIDDEN. To submit, use the form below:

(If you have problems or would rather submit via email, you can email us here:  admin@bikebound.com)

Submit Your Bike!

We're looking for high-quality pics and LOTS of detail. If we like your bike--and we usually do--we'll feature it on the blog before an international readership. We can't promise you'll be famous, but we'll try.
Tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done? What unique parts does it have? Who helped you build it? Also, please SAVE what you write here in case there are any form submission errors.
Ex. @bikeboundblog
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We need a minimum width of 750px to fit the blog.

Depending on the size of your images, it could take up to FIVE minutes for the submission process to complete.  Please be patient.  We apologize for the wait!

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