1981 Yamaha TR1 by Fast Sally Customs


In 1981, Yamaha introduced the 920cc Virago XV920R, marketed in Europe with slightly larger displacement (980cc) as the TR1 and also the XV1000. It had the mono-shock suspension that has made the Virago series so popular among modern custom builders, and the air-cooled, 75° v-twin offered roughly 65 horsepower–about 10 more than the more common XV750 Virago, also introduced in 1981.

In the US, the bike was largely unsuccessful, and sales were discontinued after the 1982 model year. In Europe, however, the bike enjoyed more success, remaining in production until 1986.  Classified Moto was one of the first shops to reveal the potential of this bike as a cafe racer, with a whole slew of 920cc Virago builds.

Yamaha XV1000 Cafe Racer

Now Ebbe of Fast Sally Customs, located in Sweden, has taken up the torch “The Grunt,” a TR1 custom build that immediately snagged our attention with its brutal style and modern suspension. It’s hard to classify this bike. It’s part XV1000 cafe racer, part Virago tracker.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s awesome.

“The Grunt,” Virago/TR1/XV1000 Tracker/Cafe Racer

We will let the builder himself, Ebbe, tell you a little about the bike in his own words.

  • I started of with a stock Tr1 from 1981. I quickly threw away the rear end and the forks. It now sits on forks, wheels and brakes from a 2001 Yamaha R1.
  • The tank is polished roughly and clear coated.
  • The swingarm, seat frame and exhaust is custom-built by me and the foot pegs are from the same Yamaha R1 as above.
  • It took me about two years and it has been a blast!

Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer

Fast Sally Cafe Racer

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