Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer by Metal Works Utah

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

From two-stroke enduro to smokin’ cafe racer…

The Suzuki TS400 Apache was the largest of the Suzuki TS series of two-stroke dual sports — a 277-lb, 34-hp enduro “built to take on the country.” Cycle magazine called the early J model “100% reliable,” and riders quickly found them solid performers on both street and trail.

Enter Jordi Pincock of Metal Works Utah, an experienced fabricator and designer who wanted to use his skills to build something unique.  Says Jordi…

“I wanted to…build a cafe racer my own way, not patterned off of someone’s build, and on an uncommon bike.”

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer


We have never seen a cafe racer built from a two-stroke enduro. Below, we interview Jordi for the full story on this middleweight, 2-stroke cafe racer.

The bike is for sale. You can reach Metal Works Utah via email or phone.

Suzuki TS400 Custom Cafe Racer:  Builder Interview

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

My name is Jordi Pincock. I am metal fabricator/welder/designer from Utah. I have 10+ years’ experience in fabricating/welding/designing. I grew up always loving to building things and from that formed my passion in metal fabricating. I also grew up riding motorcycles with my family and working on them in the garage with my dad. My main hobby is riding motorcycles. I ride trials and compete once a month throughout the state of Utah. I also love to ride single track on dirt bikes and love to ride on the street. If it involves motorcycles I am into it. I have a beautiful wife and two kids and another on the way. I love spending time with the family and enjoying the beginnings of teaching my own kids how to ride motorcycles.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

1973 Suzuki TS400 custom cafe racer

• Why was this bike built?

The bike was built for fun. I am a metal fabricator by trade and a motorcycle lover. Motorcycles are my main hobby, and my skills as a metal fabricator/welder/designer allows me to further my hobby by not just riding motorcycles but in building them also.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

Design concept was to build a custom cafe racer but to build it from a bike that is not very well known or used for bike builds. I like to build things that are unique. Most people when thinking about wanting to build a cafe racer are not going to come up with 1973 Suzuki TS400. I wanted to throw my twist and skills into building a cafe racer my own way, not patterned off of someone’s build and on an uncommon bike. The bike has a mix of some modern touches but also still has some old school vibes.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• What custom work was done to the bike?

This bike was a complete custom one off build from a 1973 Suzuki TS400. These bike has been modified and completely rebuilt, new/restored everything. Frame and all original parts have all been sandblasted and powdercoated.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

Engine has been completely rebuilt all new bearings/seals, new wiseco piston and rings. Lectron carb.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

All new wiring harness, all the wiring/battery/electronic ignition is all tucked under the seat hump for a clean look. New rear suspension and custom sub frame.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

Lowered and rebuilt front forks, powdercoated wheels, endurance trail tech speedometer.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

Custom handmade and tuned stainless 2 stroke exhaust system. Custom upholstered seat. All new custom made cables from motion pro.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

All engine hardware replaced with stainless button heads. This bike is showroom quality/head turner. There is tons of hours and money spent on this build. I have pictures from start to finish on the build to document everything done it.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

Really happy with the paint quality on all the bike parts, it really makes the bike stand out and show its quality of craftsmanship. The exhaust is something else I am super proud of and how it turned out — it’s one of the key parts to the look of the bike in my opinion, and one of the most enjoyable parts to build on the bike.

Suzuki TS400 Cafe Racer

• Have you got a video of the bike in action?

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  1. TS 400 Suzuki, one of the greatest bikes ever built, bad to the bone.

  2. It’s OK to take pictures of the left side too.

  3. A most excellent and unusual build. Job well done! I’d ride it.

  4. Beautiful Apache! I had a 74 TS400 I sold to friend in 99 who gave it the super motard…look?
    You made a fantastic machine!

  5. jiro yamamoto

    I have never seen such a small expansion chamber and such a large silencer on any 2 stroke. Why?

  6. I agree, the paint finish looks to be great. The expansion chamber?
    Not so great. I would’ve thought it would be a bike to showcase your fabrication skills.

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