Triumph Café Racer with Sidecar!

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

Purpose Built Moto is quickly gaining a name as one of the best custom shops in Australia. They consistently turn out high-quality machines in a wide array of styles, constantly challenging themselves, and were recently featured in the film Handcrafted, an insider’s look at the Australian custom motorcycle community.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

We can vouch that the man behind it all, Tom Gilroy, has an unrelenting work ethic. Until now, Purpose Built Moto has been a part-time venture for him — nights and weekends while juggling his full-time job as an industrial electrician.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

However, with this Triumph Sidecar build, Tom has taken the step into running his workshop full-time. The dedication truly shows. The bike was built for an international coffee company, Vittoria Coffee, and a local venue, Sandbar, in Surfers Paradise. For the donor, Tom chose a 2009 Triumph Scrambler with the 270-degree 900 engine, along with a Cozy sidecar. The sidecar has an opening hood for a café-style display and cooler, so the bike can deliver fresh cold brew to the people of the Gold Coast — a true cafe racer! And then there’s the livery:

“The white and brass colour scheme is timeless, like a well-tailored suit or a vintage Rolex.”

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

Indeed, indeed.  Below, we get the full story on this Triumph café racer from the builder himself.

Triumph Café Racer and Sidecar: Builder Interview

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

The motorcycle is a 2009 Triumph Scrambler, with a Cozy sidecar attached. I wanted the 270-degree 900 motor from the Triumph for its nice torque curve and the lumpy sound.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• Why was this bike built?

The Triumph Sidecar was built as a community endeavor for an international coffee company, Vittoria Coffee, and a local venue, Sandbar, in Surfers Paradise. Used to bring artisan-crafted cold brew coffee to the people of the Gold Coast.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

Vittoria has Italian roots, and being a coffee company, the business is steeped in a sophisticated brand image that I felt I needed to convey. Mixing this with my grassroots motorcycle design ethos, I came up with a concept that would satisfy their image, be true to Sandbar’s Gold Coast location, and impress any custom bike enthusiast that cared to take a look. The white and brass colour scheme is timeless, like a well-tailored suit or a vintage Rolex.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• What custom work was done to the bike?

The list for this bike is endless but the real draw cards are as listed below:

– Custom-built sidecar with opening hood for a café-style display and cooler.
– Brass-trimmed body lines, solid brass bar welded to the steel frame, body and tank.
– Café fairing housing Speedhut Gauges and Purpose Built Moto LED headlight.
– 1 of 1 DNA pod filters, Free spirit parts injector caps, and colour-matched throttle bodies.
– Specially machined 17” rims wrapped in Shinko Stealth 003 tyres including a 190 wide rear.
– USD fork conversion custom built for the application.
– The first ever Purpose Built Moto LED Orbit brake light.
– Matching custom upholstery and clip on cover by Timeless Auto Trim.
– Hand-built 2-1 exhaust.
– Upgraded brakes with Frando master cylinders.
– K-tech Bullit rear shock absorbers.

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• How would you classify this bike?

Café Racer with Sidecar. There’s never been one like this before!

Triumph Cafe Racer Sidecar

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

This whole project hosts a tonne of new ideas that I’ve never tried before. Brass trimming, building my own exhaust, and the sheer amount of work that goes into customizing every inch of a motorcycle and sidecar. This build to me represents a bit of a step up in my process, proving to myself that I’m progressing in my own skill set. It also helped in giving me the confidence I needed to step away from the security of a career and into running my own shop full time.


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