2-Stroke Special: Yamaha IT425 Supermoto from 5Special

Yamaha IT425 Supermoto
Photo: Pablo Nunes

Only available in 1980, the Yamaha IT425 put professional performance within reach of regular consumers and enduro enthusiasts. The engine, based on the one from the YZ400 motocrosser, offered 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. That’s pretty stout, considering the bike had 12 inches of ground clearance, a 56-inch wheelbase, and weighed just 244 lbs — a true 2-stroke trail weapon of the 1980s.

Yamaha IT425 Supermoto
Photo: BikeBound.com

Enter 5Special, a Spanish brand founded by Sito and Lucía Vázquez, whose bikes, parts, apparel, and sponsored riders hark back to the golden era of motorcycling:

“We use our bikes as the riders did in the past. We travel around the world to take part in enduro vintage, sandrace, flat track, motocross, offroad…”

Yamaha IT425 Supermoto
Photo: Pablo Nunes

That isn’t just marketing copy — the folks at 5Special walk the walk. Case in point:  this 1980 Yamaha IT425 was built to compete in all three disciplines at the Wheels & Waves festival in and around Biarritz, France: Punk’s Peak (Sprint Race), Swank Rally (Enduro), and El Rollo (Flat Track).  In fact, we had the good luck of being just inches away when Sito himself kicked the bike to life in a roaring fit of blue-burning oil and headed for the starting line at Punk’s Peak last summer.

Yamaha IT425 Supermoto
Photo: Mario Rodrigo

This kind of all-around performance harks back to the Superbikers concept of the 1980s, which birthed the world of supermoto:

“Original enduro bike, but transformed to revive the 2-stroke SuperBiker/Supermoto 80s concept.”

Superbikers was a made-for-TV event designed to find “the ultimate all-around motorcycle racer,” putting racing greats like Kenny Roberts and Jeff Ward on a track that combined flat track, motocross, and road racing at Carlsbad Raceway in Southern California. It ran from 1979 to 1985 and helped birth the world of supermoto.


Below, we get the full story on this 2-stroke supermoto, along with some killer shots from Pablo Nunes (studio photos), Mario Rodrigo (Punk’s Peak), Nicolas Serre (sand race), and Kati Dalek (“El Rollo” flat track race).

Yamaha IT425 Enduro / Supermoto: Owner Interview

Yamaha IT425 Supermoto
Photo: BikeBound.com
• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

5special was born from our love for competition and adventure, 5 is our number, and special is our passion for unique vehicles, made for the soul.

Our inspiration comes from classic trends. Our clothes, motorcycles, and flat track racing parts are made for action. We use our bikes as the riders did in the past. We travel around the world to take part in enduro vintage, sandrace, flat track, motocross, offroad…

Our vehicles are like living beings. Our world is sand, water, road, mud and desert. Our team of riders in the world share the same passion. They test, enjoy, and like our products.

Yamaha IT425 Sand Racing
Photo: Nicolas Serre
• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

YAMAHA IT 425, 1980.

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

Original enduro bike, but transformed to revive the 2-stroke SuperBiker/Supermoto 80s concept.

The project was created to ride in all disciplines at Wheels and Waves with the same motorbike: Sprint Race “Punks Peak,” Flattrack “El Rollo,” and Enduro “Swank Rally.”

We can change the style in 45 minutes — from Supermoto to Enduro, and Enduro to Supermoto.

Yamaha IT425 Flat Track
Photo: Kati Dalek
• What custom work was done to the bike?

We modified the wheels, tires, brakes, suspension and horsepower.

• Does the bike have a nickname?

5Special Supermoto.

• How would you classify this bike?


• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

Bring back the power of 80’s 2-stroke motorbikes, using the best magnesium Marzocchi fork.

Yamaha IT425
Photo: Nicolas Serre

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Photography Credits

@pablonunesphoto (Studio photos.)
@mariorodrigofotografo (Punks Peak W&W.)
@nicolas_serre_photo (Sandrace Hapchot Wheels.)
@kayadaek_photography (Flat track “El Rollo” W&W)


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  2. Terry, aka MIdirtrider

    Cool bike. Glad to see the care and effort going into restoring these classic ma machines. The new bikes have be one too generic lacking a special soul.

    • Robert Lewis

      Hello I’m looking at buying one of these bikes I can pick it up for 800 bucks it runs really well but I was trying to find out more info on it I heard it’s hard to get parts if you ever need them and I’m trying to find somebody that can just give me some advice

  3. Hi,
    I also have an IT425, great bike with lots of torque. Love the look of yours, where did you get the tank graphics and seat cover from?

    • Robert Lewis

      Hello Kevin I’m looking at buying one of these bikes the guy wants 800 bucks and he says it runs great can you tell me if that’s a fair deal also is there any problems with these bikes I heard it’s hard to get parts if you need them

  4. Do you how 425 to did Yamaha make

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