Production Hover Bike: BMW R1200GSA Hover Ride™

BMW R1200GS Hover Ride

BMW Motorrad has announced plans to fund development of their R1200GS Adventure Hover Ride™ concept with production aimed for 2024.

BMW R1200GS Hover Ride

The Hover Ride™ is the work of an elite team within the BMW Junior Company, an innovative unit in which engineers from diverse departments work on projects that push the bounds of contemporary technologies and pave a vision for the future.

BMW R1200GS Hover Bike

Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design at BMW, says:

“Riding a bike is all about freedom, but the ultimate freedom is to go anywhere. I believe the GS Adventure is the right answer to almost every challenge.”

BMW R1200GS Hover Bike

The dampers stabilize the wings and reduce buffeting under high-G maneuvers. The combustion engine is a retro-inspired housing for the proton exhange membrane (PEM) fuel cell/lithium-ion battery hybrid system that powers the anti-gravity thrusters, which will be accompanied by a faux boxer engine soundtrack.

BMW R1200GS Hover Bike

Sources say the main drawback of the Hover Ride™ is that the anti-gravity thrusters only work on April 1st of each year.

BMW Hover Bike




  1. I’ll buy it just for the shocks. They look great.

  2. Set me up for April 1 2022 please

  3. …i thought the hairs on the back of me neck were quiverin’…..

  4. How do you lube the clutch splines?

  5. Unlike the Black Wasp from The Island movie, however, this one is lacking artillery. Pass….

  6. Special Cargo won’t stand a fight with this one

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