Bombardero: Honda CG150 Cargo by AZFER Customs

Honda 150 Street Tracker

A Honda 150 built for both town and country…

Launched all the way back in 1975, the Honda CG125 would become one of the world’s most popular learner machines and lightweight commuters, remaining in production for 30+ years. In order to help the bike survive the tough conditions of developing nations, Honda engineers opted for an OHV engine with pushrods instead of a SOHC design, along with a fully enclosed chain and washable foam air filter.

“Simplistic, minimalist and easy to use, they are a doddle to work on and even easier to ride. More than a commuter, they are also an excellent beginner’s bike — with chunky, robust controls and an easily managed dose of power.” —MCN

Honda 150 Street Tracker

Today, the Honda CG150 Cargo carries the torch, a lightweight single-cylinder machine that can take a licking and keep on ticking when most bigger, fancier, more expensive machines have thrown in the towel.

Enter our new friends at Mexico’s AZFER Customs, whose headman, Juan Manuel, started the business after returning from a long stint in New Zealand, which included a trip to Australia, where the thriving customs scene around Bondi Beach fueled his desire to open a workshop of his own.

“I did not have much capital to start with but as the saying goes, ‘Who does not risk, does not win,’ so I bet n motorcycles…. I finished the first motorcycle and to my surprise, it sold in less than a week — that was the motivation to open AZFER Customs and dedicate myself to the restoration and customization of motorcycles, something that I enjoy doing every day.”

Honda 150 Street Tracker

Part of his vision was to buy and customize budget motorcycles with a unique style — custom bikes that more people could afford. That made this 2019 Honda Cargo 150 the perfect donor, a highly functional and dependable machine that nonetheless begged for an aesthetic revamp:

“The concept was simple, a 100% functional motorcycle that would work in the country, but at the same time could be used in the city.”

Honda 150 Custom

This little Honda Cargo has been fully customized, featuring a Suzuki GN125 tank, bespoke mono-shock setup, custom exhaust and seat, dual-purpose tires, minimalist indicators and mirrors, and more.

“It’s very fun in terms of the handling, and the motorcycle is striking, so people ask a lot about it in the streets. When you get it off-road, it’s double fun.”

Below, we get the full story on this Honda street tracker.

Honda Cargo 150 Street Tracker: Builder Interview

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

We are a Mexican company dedicated to the design and customization of motorcycles. I started the business in Mexico after I returned from Australia with a lot of inspiration to start this business.

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

It’s a Honda Cargo, 150cc. Model year 2019.

Honda CB150 Cargo
The stocker!
• Why was this bike built?

We design our motorcycles to sell them or host raffles for our clients.

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The concept was simple, a 100% functional motorcycle that would work in the country, but at the same time could be used in the city.

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

• What custom work was done to the bike?

Modified parts list:

  • Dual-purpose tires, 130/90/16
  • Digital speedometer
  • Bar end indicators
  • Adaptive mirrors
  • Scrambler-type handlebars
  • Daymaker headlight, 5 3/4 inch
  • Rhombus grips
  • Suzuki GN125 gas tank
  • Custom design for gas tank
  • Dust covers
  • SC Project exhaust
  • Custom rhombus seat
  • Central monoshock from a Pulsar NS200
  • Modified chassis
  • Gold chain

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

• Does the bike have a nickname?

Honda Street Tracker.

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

It’s very fun in terms of the handling, and the motorcycle is striking, so people ask a lot about it in the streets. When you get it off-road, it’s double fun.

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

The tank design and the modifications that we made to the chassis.

Honda CG150 Scrambler Tracker

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  1. Wheelz270

    Looks excellent! But, I’d be curious to know how affordable this thing is with so much work put in it: rims, tank, subframe, seat, swingarm, rear shock, exhaust, lighting and instrumentation, very little of the original bike remains!

    • Love it! Am in the market for it or similar! What price? Is maintainence going to be an issue?

    • I’d say very affordable. Many of these parts, like the seat, speedometer and tank can be found on eBay or Amazon for a fraction of what you think they cost.

  2. Lovely little machine. Those fat tyres look great. Wondering about the significance of the ‘scambler’ and ‘scrambler’ on the tyres?

    • that tune

      first thing I noticed was “scambler” . It was an accident, per insta.

    • Please explain where we can get this beautiful machine and at what price. It looks really nice and I want to buy it. Exactly this machine, not any other kind this machine… I want.

  3. hola buenas noches, me pueden ayudar tengo un chasis de moto Bross motor 200 quisiera saber que modificaciones puedo hacer tipo scramblers.
    si tienen un proyecto y si pueden vender quedare agradecido por su cordial ayuda.


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