BAAK Rambler: Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin Custom

“A classic look, influenced by the street…”

In 2016, Triumph Street Twin launched onto the scene as a retro roadster with a liquid-cooled 900cc parallel twin engine. Quickly, it became the best-selling of the Bonneville models, and a new version was introduced for 2019, featuring an 18% power increase (64 bhp), upgraded 41mm KYB cartridge forks, new Brembo brakes and rider modes, and more.

Triumph Street Twin Custom

In terms of aesthetics, the Street Twin benefits harks back to the Triumphs of yesteryear, featuring design cues from the 1960s Bonnevilles such as the teardrop tank, bench seat, and straight pipes. As far as ride, the bike has been earned a reputation as an eager companion for all types of riding — a roadster offering modern amenities without detracting from the pure, simple joy of the ride:

“The Street Twin really epitomises Triumph’s ‘For the Ride’ motto, in a way that only a carefully considered modern classic could.” –Laura Thomson, Goodwood

Triumph Street Twin Custom

One of the premier workshops for modern Triumphs is France’s BAAK Motocyclettes, who’ve developed a style that blends nostalgia, heritage, and modern design into some truly beautiful motorcycles. Founded in 2012, the workshop now boasts a whole crew of in-house craftsmen, who not only complete custom builds, but manufacture hundreds of bolt-on parts for a range of European marques, and the company just opened a workshop in Los Angeles, BAAK USA.

Triumph Street Twin Custom

This build, nicknamed the “Rambler,” started with a brand new 2021 Triumph Street Twin. The BAAK team wanted a bike that classic style and modern versatility:

“The ‘Rambler’ design concept mixes a strong timeless aesthetic with a multi-purpose bike.”

Triumph Street Twin Custom

Believe it or not, the bike is built almost exclusively from off-the-shelf parts from the BAAK catalogue — all components designed, prototyped, and fabricated in-house. The result is one cohesive machine, which seems like a special edition model you could buy directly from the showroom floor.

Below, we speak with Adrien of BAAK for the full details on the “Rambler.”

Triumph “Rambler”: Builder Interview

Triumph Street Twin Custom

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

This Triumph is based on a 2021 Triumph Street Twin. It’s brand new with no miles on the clock — it can be purchased immediately. Customization are of course possible, on demand.

Triumph Street Twin Custom

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The “Rambler” design concept mixes a strong timeless aesthetic with a multi-purpose bike. We used our classic short leather seat kit, our classic medium front mudguard, and our heritage side covers so the overall look of the bike remains timeless. We bring a modern touch thanks to the exhaust note, the handlebar (which allows a modern riding position), and the fresh paint job. We worked to keep a classic look, influenced by the street.


• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride?

As a Rambler, the bike is a very versatile one. We created it keeping in mind we wanted a sporty behavior. At the border between the Flat Track and Scrambler style, the bike is full of life — very agile thanks to our Flat Track handlebar. Lowered and fitted with narrower tires, the ride is precise and U-turns easy. It has been made for an urban environment as on the small surrounding roads.

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

As the bike is made of parts from our catalog, the paint job is very unique. Our designer quickly came up with this design, which we thought was the right one. The sapphire color combined with our gold leather gives a very modern and fresh look. This paint job might be the part of the build we are particularly proud of, because it brings the timeless style into our modern times, flirting with pop culture designs, cooled down with a sweet color. The bike is a very androgynous one, and at BAAK, we like it very much!

“Rambler” Build Sheet:

  • Classic Medium front mudguard for Triumph
  • Flat Track handlebar Ø22mm
  • Lowering kit for Triumph T100-T120 (2016-…)
  • Short leather seat kit for Triumph (2016-…)
  • Leather cable guides
  • Bobber exhaust for Triumph (2016-…)
  • Mini LED 10W turn indicators
  • Bates headlight
  • Bates headlight plate for Triumph (pre. 2016)
  • Biltwell Renegade handlebars grips
  • Aluminium handlebars clamps
  • Underbar mirror
  • Engine protection for Triumph (2016-…)
  • Leather fork gaiters
  • Intake covers for Triumph 900 (2016-…)
  • Mini speedometer for Triumph (2016-…)
  • Heritage side covers for Triumph (2016-…)

Triumph Street Twin Custom

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