No Joke: Lazareth “Moto Volante” Flying Motorcycle

Lazareth Moto Volante

Yesterday, for April 1, we had a bit of fun with our feature of the fictional BMW R OneT. However, today’s Maserati-powered Lazareth LM847 and LMV496 Moto Volante (Italian for “Flying Bike”) are no joke — at least not to the developers!

Lazareth Moto Volante

They’re the work of French company Lazareth, whose founder, Ludovic Lazareth, graduated from the Espera Sbarro design school in 1992. There he was a disciple of famed Italian-Swiss Automotive Designer Franco Sbarro, whose small Swiss car company has produced some of the most interesting concept cars in history.

“After a few years in the prototyping department at AIXAM-MEGA (Andros Trophy – MEGA Track V12), [Ludovic] decided in 1998 to create the company LAZARETH Auto-moto to give free rein to his imagination and creativity.” —

Lazareth Moto Volante

The company obtained manufacturer’s status in 2005, and has produced around 100 different vehicles since then, many of them nothing short of mind-blowing. Highlights included the Yamaha R1 Street, V8-powered Triazuma V8F and Wazuma V8M trikes, the 2200-lb / 510-hp  AMV12 Trike, and the basis of the Moto Volante, the 4700cc LM847, powered by a 470-hp Maserati V8!

Lazareth LM847

Lazareth Moto Volante

The LM847 is a four-wheel tilting motorcycle, which features four 17-inch wheels, two rear swingarms, 420mm perimeter front disc brakes with eight-piston Nissin calipers, 255mm rear discs with four-piston Brembo calipers, and a three-speed transmission with torque converter to transmit the power of the 4.7L Maserati V8 engine to the rear wheels.


The engine is rated at 470 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque. It has an 1850mm wheelbase and weighs around 900 pounds — not bad, considering the size of the engine! We’re dying for actual performance numbers, but Lazareth only says:

“Power is transmitted via a torque converter that takes the machine from 0 to 100 mph in seconds!”

As you can imagine given the powerplant, the sound is to die for.  Here’s a video of a test ride:


Lazareth LMV496 “Moto Volante”

Lazareth Moto Volante

The LMV496 Moto Volante retains the visual signature of the Maserati-powered LM847, including the lighting, carbon-kevlar bodywork, carbon fiber wheel covers, and TFX Suspensions. However, the LMV496 has an electric motor that provides about 60 miles of on-road range, while a separate tank holds enough jet fuel for 10 minutes of flight via four turbine engines — one at each wheel hub!

Lazareth Moto Volante

Each JetCat turbines spin at 96,000 rpm, which explains the 496 model designation: 4 x 96K rpm.

The total power delivered is around 1300 horsepower for 2800N of thrust. Switching from road mode to flight mode is done by flipping a simple switch on the dashboard.”

Two additional turbines, visible from each side of the undercarriage, provide additional thrust, and each wheel holds a quick-opening parachute.

Lazareth Moto Volante

Lazareth says they are only making five of the machines, and the price is as mind-blowing as the design: $560,000 each. Interested? Contact Lazareth for more information:

In Action



  1. ???? “10 minutes of flight”??? It’s amazing then seems to turn into a tease…….. “10 minutes”….


  3. Both of them would suit a certain Anti-Hero in Gotham City with a pocketbook large enough to buy both Street and flying versions.
    They should use one for the next Batman movie!

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