Mark II Missile: Kawasaki KZ1000 MKII Restomod

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

AC Sanctuary’s MKII Missile… 

In 1979, Kawasaki introduced the KZ1000 MKII, which offered new angular styling and a slight power boost out of the 1015cc DOHC inline four engine, now making 93 bhp. The crank had been rebalanced with larger journals, the cams were fiercer, and carbs were up 28mm. Two Wheels magazine was able to hammer off a quarter-mile time of 12.1 seconds on period tires, and hit a top speed of 135 mph.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

What’s more, the double-walled frame tubing around the steering head had tidied up the handling, though the Mark II still didn’t perform as well as the period Suzuki GS1100, which had air forks and shocks.

“The Z1000 Mark Two is a lusty performer regardless, lacking none of the feel of the grunty mid-range performance expected from a big roadster four — it’s just that other Japanese one-litre bikes can do fractionally better even if it’s impossible to pick in a seat-of-the-pants evaluation.” –Two Wheels, 1979

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

This KZ1000 MKII is the work of Japanese master Hiroyuki Nakamura of AC Sanctuary, who’s been turning out some of the baddest restomods on the planet since he opened his shop in the 1990s. This one was built for one lucky owner — lucky enough to own multiple AC Sanctuary RCM (Radical Custom Manufacture) builds! Says Nakamura:

“It’s proof that you’ll like your RCM, and it’s a great pleasure to be able to produce another one for this owner.”

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

The frame has received RCM’s Stage-II reinforcement and alignment, setting it up for dual 17-inch OZ Racing wheels, Öhlins suspension, Sculpture braced swingarm, and Brembo brakes.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

The engine has been punched out to 1105cc with a Wossner piston kit, Kent cams, oversized valves, 37mm Keihin FCR carbs, and Nitro Racing hand-bent titanium exhaust. An oil cooler and high-pressure pump helps keep temps down and extend the life of this monster engine.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

All in all, this is one monster MKII, and we’re more than a little jealous of the owner!

RCM-596: In the Builder’s Words…

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

In recent years, the number of owners who own multiple RCMs has increased — the owner of this machine also owns an RCM-540 Ninja Type-R and two of the RCM-376 KZ900 models.  So we added this RCM-596 KZ1000MK-II this time.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

From the production side, it’s proof that you’ll like your RCM, and it’s a great pleasure to be able to produce another one for this owner.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

It has a ST-II reinforced frame made for 17-inch wheels, along with OZ Racing wheels, Öhlins suspension, Italian Brembo brakes, and first-class products. The swingarm and stem that connect them are RCM’s exclusive brand SCULPTURE.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

For the engine, we used many countermeasure parts in various places, while making use of his experience as an RCM owner. Piston bore is 73mm, with high-performance Kent cams and big valves, Pam’s generator conversion kit and twin plugs. FCR carburetor and Nitro Racing Titanium Megaphone EX muffler.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

This makes for a responsive, high-torque engine that transmits power via a 6-speed cross transmission + EVO system. Since the oil temperature rises with the additional power, an oil cooler is used as a countermeasure along with a high pressure oil pump.

Kawasaki KZ1000MK2 Restomod

Made-to-order based on a favorite model and carefully customized in the production process —
this is a really luxurious one, which was created with careful consideration.

Build Sheet

Chassis (17 inch)

Frame Original frame reinforcement, ST-II
Drive chain line offset, in-line processing
Laydown processing
Powder coating after blasting
Steering stem SCULPTURE Φ43 SP stem KIT TYPE-1
Handlebar Daytona RCM Concept handlebar and RCM Concept grip ends
Front Fork Öhlins E×M package
Front wheel OZ Racing GSAA RS-A for ZRX1200 3.50-17
Front brake Brembo CNC radial caliper GP4RX
(Master) Brembo Racing radial brake master
(Brake hose) Allegri shorto system
(Disc) Sunstar works expand Ф320
(Support) SMB radial mount multi-caliper support KIT
Front fender Nitro Racing Ceiling Fender Kit (Type Naked, FRP)
Swingarm Sculpture 17-inch wide swingarm, gunmetal finish
Rear Shock Öhlins black line rear shock
Rear wheel OZ Racing GSAA RS-A for ZRX1200 6.00-17
Rear Brake Brembo nickel 2POT caliper
(Master) Nissin Master φ14
(Brake hose) Allegri shorto system
(Disc) Sunstar works expand φ250
(Support) SMB
(Torque rod) SMB rigid mount
Tire (Front) Pirelli Rosso Corsa II 120/70ZR-17
(Rear) Pirelli Rosso Corsa II 190/50ZR-17
Drive chain EK530RCM
Sprocket (Front) 530-18/21mm offset
(Rear) Sunstar 530-43
Chain line 21mm offset from normal 87mm to 108mm
Other SMB D chain slider


Backstep Nitro Racing
Tandem step Nitro Racing
Seat Daytona RCM concept COZY seat
Drive sprocket cover Nitro Racing
Clutch Master Brembo Racing radial clutch master
Paint Okushin

Air intake/exhaust/cooling/electrical system

Muffler Nitro Racing hand-bent titanium megaphone, one-off
Carburetor Keihin FCR Φ37 carburetor
Fuel Cock Pingel
Ignition system AS Wotani SP2 twin plug specification
Cooling system Nitro Racing 9 inch 13 steps upper turn
Bore/Stroke 73mm/66mm
Displacement 1105cc
Piston Maker Wossner
Crank Centering Correction
Cylinder After replacing the PAMS EST liner, boring
Clutch Pam’s clutch housing full conversion
Mission 6-speed cross mission + EVO system dock clearance shim adjustment
Valve IN Pam’s HF valve (Alpha)
Vavle EX Pam’s HF valve (Alpha)
Valve guide Valve guide replacement
Valve seat Sheet cut processing
Cylinder head Lower surface minimum surface grind
Cam chain EK cam chain
Timing parts SMB rigid idler all one package
Cylinder Stud SMB chromoly cylinder stud bolt
Cylinder nut SMB chrome molybdenum nut
Camshaft Kent high cam
Other Pam’s generator conversion kit, type Ⅱ
Yoshimura digital temp meter
Tachometer stack / clubman tachometer installation
SMB high pressure oil pump

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