Incandescent Boxer: “Vega” BMW R nineT

BMW RnineT Scrambler

BMW R nineT Scrambler by Incandescent Motorcycles… 

The BMW R nineT might be the world’s most widely customized modern production bike. In fact, BMW Motorrad planned it that way, giving the 1170cc / 110-hp roadster a number of features to streamline the process for customizers: separate chassis and engine wiring harnesses, a removable subframe, and easily detachable accessories.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

The R nineT comes in a wide variety of production configurations, including a Scrambler version. Whereas the newly unveiled 523-lb R1300GS is the apex of the adventure touring world — kitted out with the latest in EVO Telelever / Paralever suspension and available ride height control and Dynamic Suspension Adjustment — the R nineT Scrambler is a simpler throwback to the boxers of old, with conventional telescopic forks and an air/oil-cooled engine. By all accounts, the forthcoming R12 nineT will carry on the neo-retro roadster tradition, with roughly the same power output and torque.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

Last month, we featured the “PD85” Paris Dakar-inspired R nineT from Roy Jordan and David Westworth of the UK’s Incandescent Motorcycles. Now the duo is back with Roy’s personal R nineT Scrambler — a bike he’s been tweaking for the last couple of years.

“The design concept was to build the ‘opposite’ of what you’d consider a traditional “scrambler” to be — i.e., a sleek and stylish scrambler covered in glossy paintwork and shiny gold and silver parts. Just to showcase another kind of bike the R NineT can become.”

BMW RnineT Scrambler

Nicknamed “Vega” after the second-brightest star in the Northern Sky, the bike is kitted out with a dizzying array of mods. We especially like the minimalist “Six Days” tail conversion from Wunderlich, matched with a custom saddle courtesy of Karen at Bustle About. The brushed aluminum tank and front screen are actually BMW options, and the bike is decked out with a host of parts from Roland Sands, Unit Garage, and Wunderlich.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

While the bike doesn’t have a wealth of custom fabrication, Roy’s sharp eye for detail, connections with local craftsmen, and overall vision shine through this R nineT. If you’re in the UK, you can see the bike at the upcoming “Kickback: Life Behind Bars” Custom Show on November 19 at Shrewsbury Prison — come check it out!

Below, we talk to Roy for the full details on “Vega,” with shots courtesy of Lisa at Coppice Corner Photography.

R nineT Scrambler: Builder Interview

BMW NineT Scrambler

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

I’m Roy Jordan, the founder of Incandescent Motorcycles which my brother-in-law David Westworth and I started in 2018. We’re based in Wolverhampton, England.

It’s more of a hobby than a business as we both have busy day jobs, so we build custom bikes in our spare time as we both have a passion for custom bikes.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

We thought we’d develop the ‘brand’ so that if we ever wanted (or more specifically, could afford) to start a formal custom bike business, then our name will have already been out there on Instagram, Facebook, and the web, in one way or another for some time.

Dave and I have ridden bikes on and off for 25+ years, including every make and genre; however, we started the custom builds with a tribute to Daryl’s bike from The Walking Dead. As an engineer and a creative (I have a passion for architectural design, art, heritage, etc), we focus on every detail of our builds no matter how small, and feedback on our WD build leads us to believe it’s one of the best reproductions of the original bikes (built by Classified Moto), in the world.

BMW RnineT Scrambler


As we build bikes as a hobby, we don’t have a workshop. All of the bikes have been built in a shed in my garden! This has been challenging, especially as I have several bikes, but we’ve had no choice due to the costs of renting a fully operational workshop – we hope that this could be something for the future.

To date we’ve built several bikes, generally for ourselves, including several CB750s and a couple of CX500s (one of which was displayed at BikeShed Show in London in 2022).

BMW RnineT Scrambler

We’ve also recently finished my two BMW R NineT’s, one of which (the PD85 Paris Dakar build) was recently featured by Bikebound. Both have also been to several custom bike shows and will appear at the “Kickback Behind Bars” Custom Show on 19th November at Shrewsbury Prison in the UK.

• What’s the make, model, and year of the donor bike?

The donor bike is a 2019 BMW R NineT Scrambler.

• Why was this bike built? (Customer project, company promotion, personal, etc.)

The Scrambler is my own “run around,” which I’ve had for around three years. It’s a great bike but, whilst building other older custom bikes, I got the urge to pimp up my own ride, so it’s come together over a couple of years into the final bike it is today.

BMW RnineT Scrambler


• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The R NineT is already available in a few models which demonstrate its versatility. It also lends itself to customisation and with this in mind, the design concept was to build the “opposite” of what you’d consider a traditional “scrambler” to be — i.e., a sleek and stylish scrambler covered in glossy paintwork and shiny gold and silver parts. Just to showcase another kind of bike the R NineT can become.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

• What custom work was done to the bike?

The bike has a significant number of modifications from the stock Scrambler, including:

  • Brushed aluminium tank (BMW OEM Option).
  • Brushed aluminium front screen (BMW Option).
  • Billet aluminum tank and tail emblems by Ex-Motorcycle (anodised gold and antiqued by hand).
  • Custom seat upholstered in black alcantara/leather with silver stitching and embroidered logo.
  • Custom black seat frame covers.
  • Custom black air intake snorkel.
  • Machined cylinder heat covers by Roland Sands.
  • Machined oil filler cap by Roland Sands.
  • Machined frame covers by Roland Sands.
  • Machined front engine cover by Roland Sands.
  • Machined brake and clutch reservoir covers by Roland Sands.
  • Hi 2-1-2-1 exhaust system by Unit Garage.
  • Motogadget Spy glassless bar end mirrors.
  • Fuel cap by Rizoma.
  • Billet aluminum footpegs by Rizoma.
  • Handlebar brace by Rizoma.
  • Indicators by Kellermann (inc. tail lights and brake lights).
  • Billet custom brake and clutch levers (Synto Evo) by ABM.
  • Six days tail conversion with Devil’s Eye tail light by Wunderlich.
  • Brushed aluminium front fender by Wunderlich.
  • Brushed aluminium high rear fender by Wunderlich.
  • Brushed aluminium number boards by Wunderlich.
  • Custom painted injector covers by Wunderlich.
  • Crash bars by Wunderlich.
  • Oil cooler guard by Wunderlich.
  • Swingarm mount license plate holder by Wunderlich.
  • Headlamp grille by SW Motech.
  • TKC80 tyres by Continental.

BMW RnineT Scrambler

• Does the bike have a nickname?

“Vega.” It’s one of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere. I was thinking of a nickname that reflected the bike’s bright silver and gold “shiny” appearance, and Vega seemed fitting.

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

This bike was my first BMW and first experience with the boxer engine. Although not a superbike, it’s plenty fast enough for the urban riding I do mostly and fun when I’m out on the twisty lanes. It’s also a great looking machine and attracts a lot of attention when parked up at a café!

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

As with everything we do, it’s the level of detail and the quality of the finishes that makes us most proud. This build has been a labour of love as it’s my personal bike, so I’ve gently tweaked the design over the last two years and am pleased with the final build.

I’ve found lots of excellent local craftsmen, including a world class paint guy, an excellent automotive upholsterer, skilled exhaust fabricators, a custom bodywork/tank specialist, and other experts that have contributed to this and our other projects.

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Instagram: @incandescentmotorcycles
Facebook: Incandescent Motorcycles

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