Blue Camel: Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

All Terrain Adventure from Batakastem Workshop… 

Yamaha’s MT “Master of Torque” series of naked streetbikes has become extremely popular in recent years. While the MT-07, -09, and -10 share most of the limelight for their aggressive powerplants and “Hyper Naked” style, there are a number of smaller displacement versions available in various markets.

“It is…pretty cool that our European friends can literally start their two-wheeled careers on a Master of Torque in the form of the MT-125, and eventually work their way up to the big daddy MT-10.” –Ride Apart

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

Here in the States, we now have the MT-03, which shares the same 321cc engine as the highly popular Yamaha R3.

“The machine is a great entry point to the renowned MT lineup. The engine is entertaining for all, the handling is pretty impressive, the ergonomics are comfortable for such a compact bike.” –CW

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

In Southeast Asia and Europe, the 250cc MT-25 version is also available, an A2-compliant machine featuring a 35-hp version of the liquid-cooled inline twin. The MT-25 can easily be mistaken for one of its larger siblings, but the aggressive naked styling isn’t for everybody — and the 250cc MT can be a little cramped for long-legged riders.


2015 Yamaha MT-25

Enter Abraham Simatupang of Indonesia’s Batakastem Workshop, whose Ninja 150R “Smoky Sprinter” we featured earlier this month. Recently, a customer brought Abraham a 2015 MT-25 with the desire to transform the naked bike into a classic Dakar-style machine better suited to his height.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

After some discussion, however, they decided that a slightly more modern influence would be better, and they settled on the Yamaha Ténéré / Husky Norden as their main point of reference.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

Focus was placed not only on the aesthetics, but the ergonomics, comfort, and proper functioning of the transformed MT-25:

“The goal was to make this bike run as well as a normal OEM motorcycle, and also for the fuel injection system to function properly.”

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

Though it was quite the challenge, Abraham and his crew transformed MT into a 250cc adventure bike perfect for the busy streets of Jakarta…and the taller rider. Says Abraham:

“For me at 182 cm tall [~6 feet], it’s a dream bike. The suspension is really good, as an adventure bike would have… It makes people just stare and ask: What motorcycle is this? Never see one like that.”

It’s a testament to the work of Batakastem Workshop that this MT-25 ADV looks (and functions) so much like an OEM machine. In a parallel universe, you could walk into the Yamaha dealership and buy MT-25 All Terrain Adventure (Ténéré 250, anyone?) straight from the showroom floor…and that’s a world we’d like to live in!

Below, we talk to Abraham for the full details and backstory on the build.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike: Builder Interview

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

Hi, My name is Abraham Simatupang and I am the owner of Batakastem Workshop. Batakastem started in 2016 when my friend and I took a full stop from circuit racing and had a common interest with classic motorcycles. At that time, I had a dream to create a concept from a donor bike into something new with no skills in design and metal shaping, etc. So, we started to collect the money to find some tools and learn the culture from zero.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● What’s the make, model, and year of the donor?

Yamaha MT-25, year 2015.

● Why was this bike built?

This was a customer project. The request was made to move away from the OEM looks and stretch the concept into one that matched the posture of the owner, making his dream bike come true.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

In the beginning, the concept was a classic Dakar bike from Honda with a bulky body shape. However, after much discussion, we found the classic and modern theme in the adventure concept was the best solution.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

So, we agreed on the Yamaha Ténéré / Husqvarna Norden concept that would be our chosen reference. But, it was just a reference. We had to do everything we could to make this bike have the right proportions. Finally, we made it as our own concept.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● What custom work was done to the bike?

From the wheels, chassis, body parts, and all those parts that could be matched with the concept, we customized it. However, the goal was to make this bike run as well as a normal OEM motorcycle, and also for the fuel injection system to function properly. So, we had some challenges in that area.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

We had to be very careful with the factory electronics, like for the speedometer we used the original one. It could read errors in the system if there was a malfunction. As long as the shape and ergonomics still matched with the concept, we would stick with that.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● Does the bike have a nickname?

Blue Camel.

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● Any idea of horsepower, weight, and/or performance numbers?

250cc, 4-stroke, 2 cylinders, 6-speed, fuel injection system, DOHC, max.power 35.53 HP, max.torque 23.6 Nm, 180 kg (weight after build).

Yamaha MT-25 Adventure Bike

● Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

For me at 182 cm tall [~6 feet], it’s a dream bike. The suspension is really good, as an adventure bike would have. It has a straight stance and when we ride the bike, the rear section would go down smoothly.

The theme might not fairly sedate, but it looks purpose-built at the same time — it makes people just stare and ask: “What motorcycle is this? Never see one like that.” Moreover, the power is okay — good enough for the busy streets in Jakarta.

● Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

Again and again, the design process. The challenge here was to mix and match parts for a donor bike that was transformed so far from the OEM. But like I said before, the proportions and the feel had to be dead-on — making it more comfortable than the original, while functioning like a normal bike. I felt stressed out during the process, but I also felt happy and really glad for the result I made.


● Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

All the people who were involved in this project.

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  1. Very nice bike with great soul and clean construction. I couldn’t find information about material for bodywork. Not sure if the left front caliper is securely mounted to the fender mounts.

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