Handbuilt Show 2024: Bobbers & Choppers

From Handbuilt 2024: Choppers, Bobbers, and Wild Things…  

From April 12-14, Revival Cycles hosted the 10th annual edition of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas — a perfect pairing with MotoGP weekend at Circuit of the Americas. From the beginning, the show has encouraged a revival of hand-built ingenuity and craftsmanship.

“People crave the satisfaction and creative outlet of producing something truly unique and fit to their own preferences for design and function. This renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene.

“It is our vision that those that visit The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will be inspired to pick up tools and use their hands to make something of their own.”

For 2024, the three-day event featured over 100,000 square feet of show space and 150 custom bikes on display. For the last few years, our man on the ground has been Texas native Kody Melton, a Harley-Davidson road racer and talented photographer whose shots we’ll be publishing soon. In the meantime, here’s a taste of the bikes on hand courtesy of Revival Cycles and the Handbuilt Show. What do you like best?

Handbuilt 2024: Bobbers, Baggers, Choppers, and Wild Things


  1. Stylistically, these bikes do nothing for me, and I couldn’t see myself riding any of them, except, perhaps, for one or two of the more conventional bikes shown, like the steam punk creation by Tim Conroy. But I hope every single builder considers my take irrelevant, and keeps producing these celebrations of inventiveness, craft, and whimsy. As a biking community, we are all the richer for it. The skills demonstrated in all the tiny details, as well as the singular vision of these builders to produce these bikes, gives us ideas should we be inspired to attempt something of our own.

  2. steve livingston

    Any coverage on The One Motoshow 2024 in Portland? After all, it IS bigger, older, and has twice as many bikes as that little show on Planet Texas.

  3. Tony Tollner

    How do we find out more about the Al Hackel chopper featured here?

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