Handbuilt Show 2024: Bobbers and Wild Things!

#HBSATX2024 photos from our man on the ground, Kody Melton! 

Last month was the 10th annual edition of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas, which took place in conjunction with MotoGP weekend at Circuit of the Americas (COTA).

The event organizers, Revival Cycles, see “Handbuilt” as a way to encourage a return to physical craftsmanship and the work of the hands.

“Although in today’s modern mass-produced world few young people are taught how to do physical work or are encouraged to embrace a trade, there remains a universal attraction to the beauty that can only be formed by human hands.”

At Handbuilt Show, attendees can view a stunning array of custom builds, meet designers and fabricators, and explore the work of welders, leather craftsmen, engine gurus, metalshapers, and more.

This year our man on the ground was once again Kody Melton — a native Texan, King of the Baggers road racer, and insanely talented photographer whose shots will take you right down to the showroom floor.

This batch includes bobbers and oddities of every stripe. What’s your favorite from this batch?

Triumph T140V by Revival Cycles / Colin Stanley

“Shortster” by Revival Cycles / Peter Attia

Builder Unknown — Comment if you know them!

“High Stakes” by Renny Arcaya (@easyridercycle)

’67 Sportster by Donny Whitehead

“Silly Goose” by Brandon Crabtree

Project FXR/MC by Lane Weir

“Hell on Wheels” by Bryan Fuller / Fuller Moto

1961 Harley-Davidson Topper from Leah Whaley

“Silent Grey Fellow” from Dan Rognsvoog

“Dashbuiltmini” by Spencer Marvadashtipour


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