Honda Urban Cross

by Jona Gimenez
Published: April 26, 2019 (2 years ago)
Build Type
Miami, FL, 33137 or Alicante, Spain 03600
Bike Info:
1991 Honda NX650
Completely rebuilt to the last bolt, this machine has been reborn. It comes with artesanal scape collectors made by SG Motos and a 644cc engine packed with 44 horsepowers. This beast is ready to pass through city corners or enjoy some outdoor adventures. Packed with Continental TKC 80 tires and a Tomaselli handlebar.
Front and rear lights are with led efficient for a more clear and better lighting. Front spoiler is handmade with fiber cutter and rear spoiler is an ABS adapted
Project Info:
All of our lives, there has been a unique way of synergy between motocross/enduro bikes and our lifestyle.  Therefore we decided that there was needed an urban motorcycle that could feed the need of always enjoying a powerful yet wonderful ride.  From this idea, the Urban Motocross/Enduro bikes at Petrology started their creation.  We are offering the clients the possibility of creating something unique for them, something personalized and something to remember the rest of their lives.  Everything starts with designs.  The client chooses from a series of different designs that have been analyzed to their needs, thinking of city where they live, climate etc.. Once the process is finished we begin the building that lasts 2 months per bike.  All bikes are shipped worldwide.
Petrology Info:
Born to Ride
Here’s to a life well driven. A life where we just don’t get from point A to point B, we get there in style and grace and turn a few heads along the way. The open road is for everyone, but we believe in cars that open the road to us. That, fills us with one of a kind experiences, in cars we can drive to the end of the world without caring for a destination, because living behind the wheel is our destination.
Petrology was made for those of us who let our passion do the driving. We search, collect and restore rare and vintage cars and motos for everyone who has a love for motors, no matter the budget. And we celebrate this culture of petrol, power, and good design with our brand. Because vintage cars and motos are not just cool, they define our past and pave the way for our future. So take a ride with us, let’s see what the open road has to offer.
Petrology was created in 2015 by Maria Arellano an Jona Gimenez. The passion for design, motor and fashion united them to create a unique project, a challenge inside the world of motors. What during years was a hobby for the founders of Petrology, now it had become a lifestyle.
María and Jona always felt admiration for classic machines, specially those of European brands, models that during the years of 70’s and 80’s broke moldes. Vehicles with lines that where innovative and that would shortly become global icons.
Together they have given shape to the brand that unites their passions, wanting to pass on to their millennial generation the meaning of driving a car from those times. Getting behind the wheel of a car that no one can not look at, driving feeling the passion of the automobile with its quality of history and vanguard that Petrology offers.
Maria and Jona create a brand with a past full of experiences that develop talent and perfection, demanding in their mission, seeing the Petrology society live though many unforgettable kilometers.

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