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Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler

Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler by Moto-fied

There is nothing we love more than a killer garage-build. This KZ400 scrambler is exactly that, built by Nick Petterson of Milwaukee’s Moto-fied Cycles. This is Nick’s first build, and it’s an auspicious start. Instead […]

Honda CB175 Cafe Racer

Honda CB175 Cafe Racer: “Moxxi”

Today we are thrilled to present “Moxxi,” a 1972 Honda CB175 cafe racer built and owned by artist and designer Kat Stovall (@gutterskump) of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Like so many of our favorite bikes, this build […]

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Cafe Racer

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Cafe Racer

Nic Millan is a photographer and videographer who combines his passion for photography and motorcycles. Growing up in Southern Oregon, his first motorcycle was bought and ridden illegally: I had a beat up 1974 Honda […]

Honda CB360 Scrambler

Honda CB360 Scrambler by RPG

Tim Roberts of Roberts Performance Group has a long history in building race cars, where weight, clutter, and weakness is the enemy. This ’74 Honda CB360 scrambler — “Blue” — is a budget-conscious little brawler built to tear up city streets and dirt roads.

Triumph T100 Scrambler

Triumph T100 Scrambler by Triumph Saint-Lô

The Triumph Bonneville T100 has proven itself  one of the most versatile platforms for today’s custom builders, but few have undergone such radical transformations as this Bonneville T100 scrambler. We found a picture of the […]

Honda CB550 Scrambler

Honda CB550F Restomod by OtC Custom

The Honda CL77 or Scrambler 305, introduced in the mid-60s, is still one of the most beautiful two-wheeled machines ever made. Powered by a 305cc air-cooled parallel twin, this 27-hp “Gentleman’s Scrambler” differed from the […]

Honda CB250 Nighthawk Scrambler

Honda CB250 Nighthawk Scrambler

Argentina has become a hotbed of tracker and scrambler style builds, with builds being turned by the likes of Herencia Custom Garage, Triple Ocho Garage, and STG Tracker. This Honda CB250 scrambler may appear to […]