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Yamaha XS850 Cafe Racer

Yamaha XS850 Cafe Racer by Therapy Moto

Few of us would argue that building and riding bikes is good therapy. Not free therapy, mind you–but good. Lars Engelsviken of Norway’s Therapy Moto has taken that notion to heart. He says: “Therapy Moto […]

Honda CX500 Brat Cafe by Therapy Moto

Here we have one of the prettiest Honda CX500 customs ever, built by Lars Engelviken of Norway’s Therapy Moto.  The “Poor Man’s Guzzi” is a tough bike to turn pretty, but Lars managed just that. […]

Harley Sportster 48 Street Tracker

Mert Lawwill Street Tracker by Shaw Speed & Custom

Shaw Speed & Custom, who pride themselves on building “Rideable Customs,” is one of our favorite builders–particularly when it comes to customized Harley-Davidson trackers.  We recently ran across this Sportster Forty-Eight tracker, their Mert Lawwill […]

Triumph Scrambler Desert Sled by Modulus Creative

Today, we’re thrilled to present the most radical desert sled we’ve ever seen:  “Indominator,” based on a (now-unrecognizable) 2014 Triumph Scrambler.  This build is the work of San Francisco’s Modulus Creative, whose mission statement is […]

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo

Pepo Rosell, the master “bike constructor” behind XTR Pepo, is one of our favorite builders. He is a man who builds machines that consistently defy classification and convention, and this ’94 Ducati Monster 750 is […]

Honda Dominator Scrambler

Honda Dominator Scrambler by Neuga Budapest

Today we’re proud to present “Growler,” a BMW-influenced 1988 Honda NX650 Dominator built by the crew at Neuga Budapest. Based in Budapest, Neuga is the shop of three Hungarian BMXers: Benedek Eszteri:  Mostly handles electronics […]