Custom Built Show 2020: People’s Choice Award

Voting as ended. Winners below!

We’re thrilled to host the voting for the 2020 Custom Built Show People’s Choice Award. CBS is the first and greatest custom motorcycle show in Latin America, created to help the region’s builders publicize their work, improve the quality of their builds, and find inspiration through competition.

“We want to highlight the artists who create unique machines, who decide to get out of “stock” and challenge the design that for most is “correct.”  Our mission is to display the expertise that exists in Latin America and give it the status it deserves.  That is why we invite everyone, artists, collectors, workshops, builders or fans, to come to the Custom Built Show and show what they have and what they are capable of.”

Out of more than 240 entries this year, the four International Judges — including our own editor-in-chief, Taylor Brown — selected these 30 finalists, and our readers voted for the People’s Choice winners below!

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  1. Danial Thomas

    Too many BEAUTIFUL builds to chose one. They all show wicked imagination and techniques and technology.
    Possibly if we divided them into types of rides. Not labeling any but there are rides and there are ???????????????? ????????CRAZY rides.
    Just saying. And congratulations to everyone who builds what they can with what they have. ❤️????❤️
    Another variable. Cost, also all solo builds. Not contracted out.
    Thanks again. Truly inspiring.

  2. La devoción por las motocicletas y la personalización es el arte basado en el instinto de la belleza y la emoción que ellas nos inspiran. Felicitaciones a sus creadores

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