Honda CX500 Scrambler

Honda CX500 Scramblers

Introduced in 1978, the Honda CX500 would be one of the most innovative street bikes of the era, featuring liquid-cooling, shaft drive, modular “Comstar” wheels, and an unconventional engine layout for the 80° V-twin engine. Along with the variations like the GL500 / GL650 Silverwing, the CX would come to be known as the “Poor Man’s Guzzi” or “Plastic Maggot.” Despite such nicknames, the CX earned a reputation for steadfast performance.

Forty years later, the CX500 has become an unexpected star of the new wave custom scene. Despite the unorthodox lines and engine layout, builders have transformed these V-twin machines into capable street scramblers. Here are a few of our favorites:

Honda CX500 Scrambler Mission Classic Scrambler: Honda CX500 - 60s-Style Scrambler from Warkot Motorcycles…  Honda has always done things its own way, and the company’s history of sales and racing successes are a testament to how well they execute on their visions. One of […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Unicorn Chaser: Honda CX500 by Last Lap Liza - Fairytale in Steel: From $50 junkyard heap to full-blown Unicorn Chaser… The Honda CX500 has always been a bit of a strange beast, a liquid-cooled transverse V-twin that earned the nicknames the “Poor Man’s Guzzi” […]
Honda CX500 Tracker Scrambler Honda CX500 Scrambler by Darling Motorcycle Works -   “The Bear” from Darling, South Africa. Shawn U’ren of South Africa’s Darling Motorcycle Works spent a 15-year stint in competitive enduro, slogging through the mud, sand, and rocks of such punishing races as The […]
Honda GL500 Scrambler Tracker Honda GL500 Scrambler by Other Life Cycles - We were lucky enough to meet Sean Zeigler of Other Life Cycles at this year’s Handbuilt Show and get a sneak peek of this build in-process. Sean whipped out his mobile and showed us a […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Honda CX500 Scrambler by Brick House Builds - We’re thrilled to present another build from Bj English of Brick House Builds. Bj’s previous build, a CX500 tracker inspired by the two-stroke Honda 3-wheelers of the 1980s, was a huge hit on the blog […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Honda CX500 Scrambler by Droog Moto - The husband/wife team behind Droog Moto has quickly established a signature style, building post-apocalyptic trackers, scramblers, and desert sleds that Mad Max would love. Recently, Max and Erica Droog moved from scorching Arizona to Washington […]
Honda CX500 Tracker Honda CX500 Tracker by Brick House Builds - The Honda ATC250R was the hottest 3-wheeler of the 1980s, with a 2-stroke screamer of a motor, manual clutch, and air-assisted suspension.  The machine was designed for ATV racing, and has come to represent all […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Honda CX500 Scrambler by Jeroen Kraijema - Some people build their bikes in sheds, some in garages.  Some have fancy shops.  Some only yards.  Some, like Jeroen Kraijema, must resort to the living room in the dead of winter.  After all, it gets […]
Honda CX500 Cafe Racer Honda CX500 Tracker by Matt Woodgates - Today we’re thrilled to feature this CX500 tracker/scrambler by Matt Woodgates of Woodgates Motorcycles. The Honda CX500, along variants such as the GL500 Silverwing, has always been an interesting machine.  It was the first V-twin […]