Motorcycle Insurance

You don’t need it until you need it:  motorcycle insurance.  Most of the information on the web is either from non-riders, who don’t understand the needs of enthusiasts, or directly from the big companies, who rarely provide very much information about their motorcycle offerings and policies. Forums are often a mass of misinformation, and there is scarcely little solid information for anyone who wants to insure a custom or vintage bike, be it a cafe racer, scrambler, tracker, or brat.

We’ve created this insurance section to help guide you through the insurance process of getting and keeping your bike insured, without hassles or chinks in coverage. We will be building it out into the most comprehensive, well-researched, and easy-to-understand resource for our fellow riders on the web.

State Motorcycle Insurance Minimums

Soon we will have a 50-state directory of motorcycle insurance laws and liability minimums online. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to find out how much coverage you need, what types of coverage are required, and which insurers are most popular in your area. We will also be including relevant laws relating to street-legality of your custom or vintage bike, such as handlebar height restrictions, turn signal requirements, maximum sound levels, as well as helmet and eye protection usage.

Types of Motorcycles

We will also examine insurance as it applies to different types of motorcycles.  For instance, there are very different considerations for sportbike riders versus off-road enthusiasts needing to insure their dirt bikes or enduros for riding on public lands, where liability coverage is often a requirement. We delve into which bikes are most and least expensive to insure, and ways to minimize your rates through additional training and membership discounts. We look into whether you need an appraisal to insure your custom or vintage motorcycle, and how to make sure that your aftermarket accessories and modifications are covered by your policy.