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The 125cc Honda Grom has become a hit among entry-level and veteran riders alike, with a cult following rare among modern motorcycles. Says one reviewer:

“The perfect bike for a first timer, yet still fun enough for the most experienced riders.”

The Grom (MSX125) won Motorcycle USA‘s “Motorcycle of the Year” award, and the bike has continued to garner praise and sell well in North America and beyond. While the affordable MSRP and great fuel economy have helped fuel sales, insuring a Grom is not as cheap as many owners have hoped. The bike is popular among beginner riders, which raises the insurance cost. For this reason, it’s very important to compare quotes from multiple insurers for the best price and coverage possible.

Honda Grom Insurance Rates

Honda Grom Insurance

Insurance rates are computed based on a wide variety of variables, including location, age, riding experience, driving record, credit, and the way insurer classifies the motorcycle. Here are a few examples from other Grom owners.

  • Male, 15, Colorado:  $300/year
  • Male, 18, Wisconsin: $280/year (Full Coverage)
  • Male, 21, Kentucky:  $600/year
  • Male, 23, Arizona: $660/year
  • Male, 29, Philadelphia, one accident: $350/year (Full Coverage)
  • Male, 30s, New Jersey: $270/year
  • Male, 30s, Northern California: $400/year (Full Coverage)
  • Male, 35, Arizona: $84 (Full Coverage)
  • Male, 40, Minnesota, one ticket: $101/year (Full Coverage)
  • Male, 40s, Arizona, Progressive:  $199/year (Comprehensive, not collision.)

As you can see, rates vary hugely from rider to rider and company to company. The only way to ensure you get the lowest rate possible is compare price quotes from several insurers. Fortunately, we can help. We have partnered with trusted motorcycle insurers to make it easy. Enter your zip code to get started!

Grom Insurance

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Honda Grom History and Specs

Honda Grom Insurance

The Honda Grom, introduced in 2014, has been a runaway success. Motorcycle USA named it “Motorcycle of the Year” in 2014 and the bike has gained a cult following among entry-level and veteran riders.

The bike has an air-cooled, four-stroke 125cc engine, which makes 8.6 horsepower, capable of pushing the diminutive Grom to a top speed of 62 mph. But the bike’s success is something you can’t put on paper. As one national publication said:

“Honda’s Grom is small, slow, and tons of fun.”

Also, the bike’s staggering fuel economy doesn’t hurt:  134 mpg!

Lower Rates

Given that insuring your Grom could between $100-600 annually for full coverage, you might want to take these steps to minimize your rate and therefore your monthly or annual premium.

  • Good Student Discount:  Many Grom riders are in high school or college. Fortunately, if you’re a teen rider, most insurers offer a discount of around 10-15% for maintaining a high GPA, typically 3.0 or higher.
  • Weekend (MSF) Course:  Taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider course will improve your riding skills and lower your rate by a set percentage, sometimes as much as 15%!
  • Multi-Vehicle Policy: While it’s important to shop your insurance to multiple companies, you should also check if insuring multiple vehicles with the same insurer will drop your rate.