Yamaha V Star 250 Insurance

Yamaha V Star 250 Insurance

Yamaha V Star Coverage

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The Yamaha V Star 250 — previously known as the Virago 250 or XV250 — is the company’s entry-level cruiser, a 249cc V-twin with a top speed of 85 mph and fuel economy of around 78 mpg. Most production bikes of this size are single cylinder, making the V Star unique in the 250cc class — a true scaled-down cruiser.

While the V Star 250 isn’t nearly as expensive to insure as the 942cc Star Bolt or other full-size cruisers, it can still cost several hundred dollars per year. What’s more, those rates can vary considerably between insurers. For that reason, it’s essential to compare rates before you buy.

Yamaha V Star 250 Insurance Rates

Yamaha V Star 250 Insurance

According to a study conducted by Value Penguin, the average annual cost of insurance for a 2017 V Star 250 is $400, or $33.33 per month. While that may not sound too bad, it’s only slightly less than the cost to insure a Honda Rebel 500, which has double the displacement and a Blue Book value of $2000 more.

Below, we surveyed rates from a variety of real V Star 250 owners:

  • Male, North Carolina, full coverage, Progressive:  $425 / year ($35 / month)
  • Male, Texas, full coverage, All state: $372 / year ($31 / month)
  • Male, Ohio, full coverage, Farmers:  $218 / year ($18 / month)

As you can see, rates vary considerably from rider to rider, state to state, and company to company. For that reason, it’s important to compare rates and policies from a few different insurers before moving forward.

Yamaha V Star 250 History

Yamaha V Star 250 Insurance

The V Star 250’s history begins way back in 1988 with the introduction of the original XV250. Says Ultimate Motorcycling:

“The 2018 Yamaha V Star 250 earns its retro badge the honest way—it is barely changed since its debut nearly 30 years ago. Sure, the name has changed—it has been a Yamaha Route 66, Yamaha Virago 250, and Star V Star 250—but the same basic motorcycle continues.”

Competitors have come and gone, but this 60-degree, pint-size V-twin cruiser has remained a mainstay of the brand — and one of the only V-twin motorcycles ever available in the 250cc class. The bike makes around 23 horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque — solid punch for a 250 — and the 27-inch seat height and 302-lb dry weight make the bike nimble and easy to handle, especially for a new rider.

The V Star still has a retro rear drum brake, 26mm Mikuni carburetor, and the air-cooled engine has two-valve heads — vintage charm from a modern production bike.

Yamaha V Star 250 Coverage Recommendations

Yamaha Virago 250 Insurance

In the vast majority of US states and territories, you’re required to carry liability coverage on any motorcycle you register and ride. The amounts vary from state to state, and will be updated automatically when you get an online quote or speak with an insurance agent. A minimum liability policy is the cheapest way to insure your V Star 250, but we don’t recommend it.

Why? Because you will be on the hook for any damages to your bike in an accident or mishap. After all, liability only covers you for damages to third parties and property. Given that the V Star 250 rates are reasonable compared to many other bikes, we strongly encourage you to consider a full coverage policy, which by definition will include both collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability.

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V Star 250 Insurance

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