The Game Changer: Concept 101 K1600 Bagger


BMW is a name we all recognize for vehicle excellence and ingenuity. The Concept 101 K1600 Bagger is here to push the envelope even further when it comes to modern creativity. With the help of Roland Sands Designs, this thing of beauty will be sure to catch the eye of any motorcycle enthusiast on the open road. The aluminum and wood panel finish design is a combination of both, a classic piece of machinery and a futuristic game changer. Every inch of this design is quite stunning, from the full display of the engine to the modernized tailpipe structure. Right now it’s still currently in it’s prototype stages, but with a little luck, the Concept 101 K1600 Bagger may be available to anyone interested in purchasing it some time this Fall. BMW has done it once again and I personally can’t wait to see this concept bike come to life.

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