Is this the Future of Helmet Technology?

Lenza One Helmet

Louie Amphlett, a Product Design graduate from the University of Brighton, was recently interviewed by In this chat Amphlett could not hold back his recent secret new project on a sound protected motorcycle helmet. Amphlett was inspired by his father who suffers from hearing loss. While hearing loss is associated with lots of other factors as well, Amphlett believes that riding motorcycle must have contributed. This is what inspired Amphlett to design the motorcycle helmet for the future, the Lenza One. The Lenza One has three features installed to help prevent hearing loss. The helmet has a suspended shell on the top of the shell to try and absorb some of the extreme vibrations while driving. Next, the helmet has a special dimpled surface used to help and reduce drag. And last is it’s elongated shape which is used to increase it’s aerodynamic abilities. There are still plenty of tests Amphlett wants to run in the wind tunnel, but this is looking like a great project.

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