1992 Honda GL Pro Brat Tracker, “Si Mehonk”

Honda GL Pro Brat Tracker

We’ve been seeing a lot of small-displacement street trackers and brats show up of late, often from builders in Southeast Asia. These bad little rippers look fun as hell on both paved roads and dirt, and many showcase an inspiring level of ingenuity. After all, a number of builders have expressed that many aftermarket parts are either unavailable in their area or prohibitively expensive. As we all know, such scarcity often leads to innovation.

This 1992 Honda GL Pro (Black Engine), built by Naitsuga Akintajida of Indonesia, immediately stood out of the pack. It looks like a miniaturized vintage dirt racer, or perhaps a boyhood BMX bike on steroids, and details such as the spoked black rims, mini front fender, and red springs tie the bike into a neat little package.

Naitsuga calls the bike “Si Mehonk,” meaning “The Scorched.”

In the Builder’s Words

It’s a Honda GL Pro 92 Black Engine Series with 145cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHC engine. I build this bike by myself with some friends help. Every part of this bike is custom, except the engine, frame (tail customize only), fork, and swing arm.

1992 Honda GL Pro Tracker
This GL Pro is a true garage-built custom.

The custom parts:

  • Fuel Tank: Honda CB100 (Remake)
  • Seat: Custom by Vintage Culture
  • Rear Shockbreaker: Yoshimura 360mm
  • Rear Footstep: L shaped, Honda CB100 (Remake)
  • Lighting: Aftermarket
  • Handlebar&Grip: Aftermarket
  • Carburetor: PE 28 by TDR Japan (Reamer to 30)
  • Rear Drum Brake: Honda New Megapro150, original (Repaint)
  • Rims: Champ, 18×2.50(Front) and 18×3.50(Rear)
  • Tyres: Swallow S212, 18×400 front and rear

That’s all guys, but i still don’t even know what exactly my bike style is. Is street tracker? Or Bratstyle? I just call it “My Style.”

Honda GL Pro Bratstyle

Naitsuga also calls the bike “The Tiny Beast with Big Claws.” That certainly sounds about right!

Honda GL Pro Cafe Racers and Customs

Honda GL Pro Black Engine
Stock 1992 Honda GL Pro (Black Engine)

The Honda GL is a near legendary bike in Southeast Asia, praised for its durability and low maintenance. The series was produced from 1979 to 1996, beginning with the GL 100 and GL 125.  The GL Pro first appeared in 1985. It had a 145cc engine that made 16 hp, and the bike weighed just 226 pounds. You can see a stock model on the right, showing just what a transformation Naitsuga’s bike underwent.

The GL Pro was produced from 1985 to 1995. Honda followed with the GL Pro Neo Tech, which boasted a slightly larger (160cc) engine. The GL line ended with the introduction of the Honda Mega Pro 160.

The Honda GL has become a popular platform for cafe racers and trackers in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. Here are a few of our favorites:


GL Pro Cafe Racer by Sisi Custom


Nookie Bastard by Katros Garage


GL 100 Cafe Racer from Jakarta, featured on Otomotif.org

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