1981 Gilera Strada Custom

Gilera Strada

Today we have a beautiful and unique custom Gilera Strada by Felix A. Kuhn of Winterthur, Switzerland, who owns Last Century Bikes.

A little history:  Gilera was founded in Arcore, Italy, in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera, and the company dominated GP racing in the 1950s, with British Geoff Duke taking home an armload of 500cc class trophies. (Duke was also famous for adopting one-piece leathers, but that’s a different story.)  In 1969, Piaggio acquired Gilera, and now Gilera is best-known for their scooters.

Gilera Custom:  In the Builder’s Words

1981 Gilera Strada
1981 Gilera Strada: Her Original State

My name is Felix and I live in Switzerland. Since my childhood, motorcycles have been my passion. My latest work is a Gilera.  This Gilera was built in 1981 and fixed and rebuilt by me in 2015. The machine should be looking as light as possible and represent a contrast to all the fat custom motorbikes. (I like fat motorbikes too!)

The Italian single cylinder has hearty power and sounds really nice without being annoying loud.  She is good for small journey to the barbecue at the river and for a beautiful weekend tour too.

Gilera Strada Custom

The tank is copper-plated and raw. The tank will begin to live and darken and perhaps it will be partial polished with the knees of the driver. But the logo shines still because it is lacquered with 2 component clear paint.

If you don’t like it anymore, take some copper-polish and polish it again. Copper and brass are beautiful materials which are a bit forgotten today.

At the frame I had to remove some tabs, adding a new mount for the saddle and clsoing some holes by welding. The fork oil seals are made in Switzerland 🙂


Here are a few facts:

  • Year 1981, custom built in 2015
  • Frames, wheels and hubs powdercoated, new spokes
  • Original speedometer, shortened TRW handlebar
  • Handles Classic
  • Electrical completely re-done without battery with voltage regulator
  • Fenders reduced
  • Custom Saddle
  • Other taillight
  • All chrome parts finely brushed
  • Change the air filter
  • Removal of the battery box and air filter housing
  • Removing passenger footrests
  • Various small adjustments of the frame
  • Engine Size 125cc
  • Engine freshly serviced
  • Various small adjustments

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