Honda CB750 Brat Cafe by Magnum Opus

Honda CB750 Brat Cafe

We discovered this blown KZ650 by Magnum Opus Custom Bikes at this year’s Handbuilt Show, only to realize that this custom shop, run by Ezio Covelli, is located in the same town as our headquarters:  Wilmington, NC! Now Magnum Opus is back with this oh-so-wicked, bloodred CB750 “Brat Cafe.” We love a cafe racer capable of two-up riding, which was part of the concept of this machine, and we also loved the contrast of the worn, un-repainted engine with the rest of the build.

We will let builder Ezio give you the full details.

CB750 Brat Build:  In the Builder’s Words

CB750 Brat Cafe

This is a commissioned build from a customer out in Charlotte, NC, whose initials are C.J. When he commissioned this bike, there were no CB DOHC available in a 400 miles radius (at least in good condition and fairly priced).

So U had to literally buy all the parts separately from six different states:  frame, motor, suspension wheels,etc… I basically started with no bike 🙂 A month later, after a lot of scrubbing and painting, I had 80% of the bike lying in front of me, so I quickly started putting everything together and started feeling again like I was working on something that I could actually ride one day.


The owner wanted the ability to transport a passenger, while keeping the package cafè racer oriented. So that’s the reason why a Brat/Cafè seemed the right way to go.

This specific color, pin striping, and decal were picked based on a very touching story that involves the loss of his brother. The paint job was done by Erik at Rare Air Werx in Wilmington, NC.


The seat and rear hoop were custom made to match the frame. Battery,wiring and electronics hidden within the lines of the bike and under the gas tank. LED strip onto the rear hoop for the tail, stoplight, and indicators. New headlight, indicators and brackets.

I got rid of the original controls in order to clean up the front end and machined and installed a new starter button within top triple tree nut. Everything else: cables, brake lines, instruments, clutch lever, master cylinder are new. The brake caliper has been rebuilt and the rotor drilled.


He didn’t want a freshly painted motor like most guys would; he went for the distressed look the motor earned in the past 36 years, and I must admit that contrasts beautifully with the new look and stance of the bike.

He was also looking for a particular grunt so we opted for straight pipes and jetted the carbs accordingly to guarantee a strong and steady pull throughout the whole RPM range.

Honda CB750 Brat Seat

The straight pipes make the bike sound like a Lambo and I’m not exaggerating 🙂 You’ll get attention wherever you go. After all, loud pipes save lives 🙂

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Honda CB750 Brat Cafe



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