Honda NX650 Adventure Tracker by Tobias Mayr

Honda NX650 Adventure Tracker

The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of our favorite platforms in recent years. Typically, we see custom Dominators build into urban-centric trackers or scramblers. These are perfect for blasting around town and jumping curbs and hitting a few light trails, but rarely are they set up for longer distance touring or travel.


Enter Tobias Mayr of Germany, who wanted a bike specifically for traveling. He turned his ’88 NX650 into just that, adding a Reinschüssel–giant fuel tank–and Land Rover Defender headlights. He even dubbed the bike “TTT,” or Tobi’s Travel Tracker. Below, he Tobi gives us the full story on the build.

Tobi’s Travel Tracker:  In the Builder’s Words


(Words by Tobias Mayr. Highlights by us.)

The basic idea behind my Honda NX650 (originally built in ’88) was to build a motorcycle for traveling, so I called it Tobi’s Travel Tracker, or TTT.

I started with the huge fuel tank–in Germany, we call that thing a “Reinschüssel“–in order to increase the maximum gasoline volume. Ergo, I exchanged the original tank with this version with a much broader build.

By doing so, the bike now got quite a massive silhouette–to accompany the line, I constructed a smoothing and functionally fitting engine cage. After that, I worked on the headlights: I took some Land Rover Defender headlights and therefore had to build a new mounting shaped for said lights.


Now about the engine: a pretty big challenge about the engine was to keep it cool for the longer journeys. To make sure that fucker wouldn’t get overly hot on my ass, I installed an extra oil cooler.

Furthermore, I shaped a custom airbox made outta’ stainless steel–as asymmetric as the rest of the bike. Nothing about that bike is symmetrical, actually. The design on the tank, the engine cage, headlights…you name it.

I stuffed the battery as well as the whole electronics right above the airbox, under the seat. The technology used is of modern standard; you can program that shit with a cellphone. I also slammed a power outlet in there so my friends can charge their iPhones to keep up with their Pinterest bullshit.


Loose Screw

Loose Screw

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