Honda CB250 Nighthawk Scrambler

Honda CB250 Nighthawk Scrambler

Argentina has become a hotbed of tracker and scrambler style builds, with builds being turned by the likes of Herencia Custom Garage, Triple Ocho Garage, and STG Tracker.

Nighthawk Scrambler

This Honda CB250 scrambler may appear to be built by one of these well-known shops. Incredibly, this is the first bike of Matias Aguirre, who built with the help of his friend Ariel Ruiz of new shop D-locos Customs. Both live in Rio Tercero, Cordoba, and Mati spent more than two years designing and planning the build. Photography is his other hobby, and he took these great shots. Below, we interview him for the full scoop on the build.

Honda Nighthawk Scrambler:  In the Builder’s Words

CB250 Scrambler

(Answers by Matias Aguirre. Questions and highlights by us.)

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your history with motorcycles.

My name is Matias Aguirre, and I’m from Rio Tercero, a small city near to Cordoba (Argentina). This is my first personal bike, but I drove small bikes before. Iv’e been planning and designing this bike for more than two years, searching about the style, the legend bikes, the classics. Waiting for the right donor.


What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

This is a ’94 Honda Nighthawk 250cc — great engine for a small bike! It’s my first personal bike.

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

In the beginning I was looking for a café racer — low clip-ons, small tail seat — but the research put in front of me the Honda CL 350 scrambler, and that was it. I fell in love of those exhaust pipes, the stance of the bike, everything. So I start my search for the donor.


The idea was not to spend much money on it, about 2000 dls was the limit and the same amount for the parts/custom works. The other thing I had in mind was the color style. I want something classic, kinda vintage style, but not that far. The first thing I get for this project was the gas tank. Its from a ‘77 xs400, I loved the lines, I don’t care what the bike gonna be — with that thank, any bike will turn out great.


A few month slater, I found the Nighthawk and brought it home. So I called my friend Ariel, who was starting a kustom shop in his garage (D-locos Customs) and asked if he want to take my project. So I sent him ideas from blogs, pinterest, and such. He started chopping right away!

What custom work was done to the bike?

  • The first thing was the custom-made exhaust pipes (CL350 style).
  • Front fork, we lowered about 15 cm. The original was “custom” style.
  • Next, the rear fork, we shorted 10 cm.
  • Replaced subframe for a clean triangle ended in a loop, scrambler style, and the seat base with in-seat led light (stop and turns)
  • Make room under the gas tank for the gel battery
  • The handle bar is for a Yamaha fz16
  • The original rims was replaced by 410×18 rims , front and back

Please include a list of the changes made/parts used.

  • The gas tank was replaced for the xs400 tank
  • Black pipes tape
  • Custom headlight
  • Custom universal speedometer
  • Bitwell grips
  • 410×18 rims and tires
  • Custom air intake
  • Satin black epoxy paint job, on all the bike, engine included
  • Custom leather seat
  • Engine rebuild, new jap pistons and rectifier, set of new gaskets

How would you classify this bike?

This bike is a crossover between a scrambler and a brat, I really like both styles, I think the essence of this bike is in the balance of this two styles.


Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

I really like the sub frame , empty and clear, just the air filter, this is something hard to find in project nowadays. And the result overall, considering the really low budget the bike is solid, simple, has really neat lines, and the sound is great!


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  1. Nice job on the bike. Can you send me some of those rusty old cars in the photo shoot?

  2. Excuse me, but how lowering shock could give you clearly more of ground clearance than stock?

  3. Christian Wallace

    i would love to know the tires im building a nighthawk myself

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