Honda CB550 Tracker by Herencia Custom Garage

Honda CB550 Tracker

Argentina has been turning a staggering array of customs in recent years, mainly trackers and scramblers. At the cutting edge is Herencia Custom Garage, run by our buds Federico Cubik and German Karp. These guys create some of the most killer street trackers and scramblers in the world, many of  which we have had the honor of showcasing, and their incredible Honda CBX1000 custom was recently featured on Bike EXIF.

Recently, we were perusing the HCG builds and came across this Honda CB550 brat tracker we had never seen before. These bikes typically make great cafe builds, but it takes more work and keener eye to build a Honda CB tracker that looks this good. We reached out to Federico for the full story on the build.

Honda CB Tracker:  In the Builder’s Words


(Words by Federico Cubik.  Translation and highlights by us.)

The idea for this bike, following the HCG ethos, was to conserve the essence of Honda while improving weight, suspension, carburetion, exhaust, and electricals.

Up front, we adapted an inverted Beta suspension with disc brake. We used Japanese mini-switches and Koso digital speedometer.

CB550 Tracker

We replaced the old carburetors with four Keihin CRs with K&N filters. The exhaust is handmade in stainless steel (we kept the design of the mufflers since they are very characteristic of these models).


We installed an Antigravity lithium battery and we replaced the coils with a set of Dynatek with NGK cables.

The subframe was slightly modified, and the seat is fabricated and upholstered in leather. The tires are by Coker.

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Honda-CB550-Tracker-3 Honda-CB550-Tracker-2 CB550-Scrambler-Build-1 CB550-Scrambler-Build-2 CB550-Scrambler-Build-3







  1. Nicely done. Just the kind of bike I want to create for myself. Honda should build this bike…but wont.

  2. Beautiful bike. Paint especially.

    Can that front brake possibly be adequate? Looks like the one off my mountain bike. Just a question.

  3. KrzysztofK

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 🙂
    They inspired my CB250g’77

    Thank you !

  4. Hey Mate,
    I have any questions, if possible.
    I would like know what tire did you use (did you have any reference ?).
    What inverted Beta suspension did you use ? (From what motorbike?)
    and the last one, the size to the back damper ?
    if you want respond me on the private email this is my email adress: [email protected]


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