Honda NX125 Tracker by L’établi Garage

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…”

The Honda NX125 Transcity, built from 1989-1992, was the smallest of the NX line. The small dual-sporter had a 13-hp engine and weighed in at 265 pounds. Say our friends at Bike-urious:

“The combination of XR-roots with a slightly more street friendly composition made it an excellent all-rounder…”

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

Of course, the big brother NX650 gets most of the attention from custom builders. But Quentin Lambert of France’s L’établi Garage, accepted the challenge transforming the Transcity into an “elegant urban machine.”

Below, we get the full story on this sweet little curb-jumper.

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker: In the Builder’s Words

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

An ambitious project born from the idea of ​​making a trail bike into a custom — a small custom. Ambitious in two points, size and transformation. This may be widely disputed, but we wanted to meet this challenge. Our Honda NX 125 Transcity is gone. She is no longer a little adventurer, but an elegant urban machine, all sober and delicacy.

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

“It’s not the size that matters” and as proof, our custom does not take for a big, but like the little motorcycle she always wanted to be. So we thought otherwise than the manufacturer at the time of its release. “From trail to custom” as a reincarnation, a second life.

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

So we lowered this Honda, with a fork modification, and passing double rear shock absorbers. For a perfect harmony
we beamed a 17 inch wheel in the front.

We modified the frame to accommodate a small saddle and two shock absorbers. Then two aluminum fenders were added to this bike.

Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker

As usual, the engine was opened for reconditioning, then we painted it in black and we polished the housings. A stainless line made by us is part of it.

Honda NX125 Transcity TrackerHonda NX125 Transcity Tracker

For the rest, we let the pictures speak.

Here is our idea of ​​a little Custom.

  • Headlight 5 inches bates
  • Two wheels 17 inches
  • Handlebars
  • Tank 125 XLS
  • Beston handles
  • CNC Alu Commodo chrome
  • Speedometer
  • Avon tyres MKII
  • Cornet Filter
  • Taillight handmade
  • Saddle handmade
  • Fairings handmade
  • Exhaust system stainless handmade
  • Modern engine paint in black and polish, and engine rebuild
  • Rear frame modified
  • Two damping adaptation
  • Adjusting the fork height
  • Epoxy paint frame and rim
  • Tank two-tone, black and polish

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  1. John Barnes

    Hi. On the nx 125 did you use stock cdi or aftermarket Cdi?.

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