Kawasaki W175 Scrambler by Insan Motor Bekasi


Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

The Kawasaki W175 is the newest entry in the company’s popular W series — a modern retro designed for the Asian market. The 177cc air-cooled single offers more torque and power than the 150cc rivals, along with an engine balancer to smooth out vibrations and a five-speed transmission. Weight is 126 kg / 277 lb. While the bike makes a strong, stylish mount for urban commuters, there are so many of these bikes on the road it’s tough to stand out.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

Enter Yoes of Indonesia’s Insan Motor Bekasi (IMB), who wanted to build a fresh, distinctive build for his client Bagas Cakra — a member of the W175 Bekasi motorcycle club. Yoes, who’s owned his workshop since 2002, managed to create a Kawasaki W175 scrambler like none other — a rugged yet classy thumper that’s sure to turn heads.

Below, we get the full story on the build!

Kawasaki W175 Custom Scrambler: Builder Interview

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

Please tell me a little about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

Just call me Yoes, I own Insan Motor Bekasi (IMB) – Indonesia. In 1999, I started in motorcycle modification, working on customized fiberglass for naked bikes, street fighters, sportbikes, and supermoto style bikes.

And I started my own workshop in August 2002 — I still play with fiberglass. But in 2014 I started playing with custom metal and building chopper, scrambler, street tracker style bikes, etc.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

• What is the brand, model, and year of the bike?

Kawasaki W175 2018. Owner is Bagas Cakra, a member of the Bekasi W175 motorcycle club.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

• Why was this moto built?

This is a project for a customer of mine named Bagas Cakra. The bike is built to look different from most motorcycles, because there are so many of these same motos on the streets.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

• What special work was done on a motorcycle?

The rear and front gears had to be moved outward so that the chain would not touch the outside of the rear tire. Also we went with fresh paint and striping. Full build sheet below.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

• How do you classify this moto?

This moto is most suited to the scrambler style due to the big block tires.

Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

• Is there something done during this development that you are so proud of?

Fresher and different than most W175 motos.

Build Sheet:  Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

Owner: Bagas Cakra
Front fork: B * son
Triple tree: Custom
Headlamp: Daymaker
Gas Tank: * ino
Rear tire: shinko e805 150 / 70-17
Front tire: shinko e804 130 / 80-17
Chain: kindergarten
Gir rear: GL
Crash bar: Original carbon fiber
Foglamp: Led
Spion: scarlett
Sein: aftermarket
Stoplamp: aftermarket
Silencer: custom stainless steel
Seat: custom fiber + mbtech
Spakboard: 1.2mm galvanized custom
Velg: aftermarket
Mudguard: custom
Cat: Polyurethane based
Varnish: sikkens
Carburetor: rx king

Follow the Builder

Facebook page: Insan Motor Bekasi
Facebook: yoes insan motor II
Instagram: @insanmotor bekasi
Photos: Samsung j7pro by Yoes Insan Motor Bekasi



  1. Great bike, just what I’d like when Kaw sells it in the US. I wish you would send a better build list, don’t know the brands or suppliers you mentioned.
    Thank you, Terry

  2. My first motorcycle I owned was a1971 brand new kawasaki175 enduro.it cost me 670 $ out the door.I was16 that bike took me everywhere.with 21.5 hp it could easily keep up with hiway traffic and was good enough off road.thanks for bringing back some great memories.

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