“Pantah” Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo

Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer

The Ducati Pantah (“Panther”), introduced in 1979, heralded a whole new generation of modern Ducati V-twins, with belt-driven camshafts and trellis frames — features that remain Ducati hallmarks to this day. What’s more, the Pantah 500 proved that, in contrast to the “received wisdom” of the time, the twin-cylinder engine was not obsolete, but could compete with and win against the four-cylinders of the era. The bike used the engine as a stressed member, with the swingarm pivoting from the rear of the crankcase, and offered around 50 horsepower from the 500cc engine.

Ducati Pantah 500
Original Ducati Pantah 500

Enter Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo, who decided to build a tribute to the original Pantah 500. His chosen platform? A 2016 Ducati Monster 821. While the Monster may not be the exciting of the modern Ducati series, the naked bike leaves plenty of room for Pepo to do his magic, and the 109 horsepower V-twin offers plenty of punch.

Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer

Pepo’s passion is race bikes, particularly endurance ones — a love you can see clearly in this build. As expected from an XTR build, the bike is clad in a full arsenal of race-spec parts, including Discacciati brake rotors, SP CNC-machined upper yoke, CNC Racing brake coolers, hand-made RC radiator, Ducabike rear sets, Carbon4us carbon parts, and much more.

Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the build is the endurance racer-inspired bodywork, designed by young Italian designer Alberto Caimi, which is part of XTR Pepo’s new 24 Horas Project. Says Pepo:

“The bodywork, front bracket, lights and rear subframe is a available as a plug-and-play kit for the Ducati Monster 821 /1200 and the new Supersport.”

Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer

Below, we get the full specs on the build along with more staggering shots from photographer Sergio Cardeña (@scfilmmaker).

“Pantah” by XTR Pepo: Build Sheet

Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer

Donor Bike: Ducati Monster 821 (2016)

  • XTR front mudguard.
  • DISCACCIATI brake rotors.
  • SP CNC-machined upper yoke.
  • XTR CNC clip ons.
  • XTR front bracket.
  • XTR adjustable and foldable CNC-machined clutch and brake levers.
  • Brembo clutch pump
  • CNC Racing brake coolers.
  • Optimized OEM front suspension with Andreani internals.
  • Anodized suspension bottles.
  • XTR front fairing.
  • XTR windshield.
  • XTR front lights.
  • XTR fuel tank.
  • CNC RACING quick open gas tap.
  • RC Radiators aluminium race water radiator.
  • DNA Racing air filter.
  • SPARK 2 in 1 exhaust system.
  • SPARK megaphone.
  • LIPO Battery.
  • DUCABIKE regulable footrest and suport cnc machined.
  • DUCABIKE Hidraulic clutch conversión kit.
  • CNC RACING slave clutch.
  • XTR solo seat.
  • XTR rear light.
  • XTR rear subframe.
  • Ohlins rear schock.
  • Carbon4us carbon fiber water reservoir cover.
  • Carbon4us carbon fiber exhaust cover.
  • Carbon4us carbon fiber coil covers.
  • Carbon4us carbon fiber rear mudguard.
  • CNC Racing pinion cover.
  • CNC Racing water pump protector.
  • PINTUMOTO painting.

More Shots

Photography Credit

Pictures: Sergio Cardeña (@scfilmmaker)

24 Horas Project

The bodywork , front bracket, lights and rear subframe is a kit for mount plug and play in the Ducati Monster 821 /1200 and the new Supersport. Designed by Alberto Caimi.

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  2. Is there a link to where I can buy the bodywork?

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