Handbuilt Show 2019: Two-Strokes

Handbuilt Show 2019 Two-Strokes

The 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, hosted by Revival Cycles and BMW Motorrad USA, took place during Austin’s MotoGP in April. Since its inception, the show and its creators have aimed at reviving the culture of physical craftsmanship and the beauty formed by human hands:

“This renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene. It is our vision that those that visit The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will be inspired to pick up tools and use their hands to make something of their own.”

For 2019, the show took place once again at the Austin American Statesman venue adjacent to Town Lake.  On Saturday, Team Revival and the Roland Sands Hooligan series hosted a Super Hooligan Race right in the parking lot, and later that night there was a feature screening of Gareth Roberts’s new documentary Oil in the Blood.

Below, we list some of our favorite two-strokes from the show — one of the perennial favorites from the show. All photos courtesy of Brandon LaJoie / Revival Cycles / Handbuilt Show.

2-Stroke Custom Motorcycles: Handbuilt Show 2019

Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker
Yamaha RD400 “Bullet Bob Special” by Jared Morris of Atlanta’s Bullet Bob Moto.
Yamaha TZ750
Yamaha TZ750 of Chris Baucom (Triumph Addict), restored by Jeff Palhegyi.
Penton 400 (1974½) by PJ Grakauskas / Chicago Jerry of Chi-Jer’s Vintage BikeWorks.
RD350-powered Board Tracker by Mark Miller (@nojoke2stroke).
KTM 300 XC-W Six Days by David Mucci of Chicago’s Moto-Mucci.
Suzuki GT380 by ᵀᴴᴱMOTOWORKS.
Yamaha RD400 / TZ250 "2 Stroke Attack"
Yamaha RD400 / TZ250 “2 Stroke Attack” by Roland Sands Design.
Yamaha TZ350 (?) — builder unknown.
Greeves road racer — builder unknown.
Kawasaki enduro / scrambler — builder unknown.

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    These have to be some of the most beautiful engineered motorcycles that I have had the pleasure to see in some time. Kudos to Pipeburn for allowing me to have this pleasure.

  2. T S Snyder

    As a longtime 2-stroke fan I would find it hard to pick the “best-in-show” from this selection. Thanks for posting! I do think that I would like to see a brakeless hub on the front of the board tracker. It appears to not be street legal so there would be no need for the front brake–just like to originals.

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