Modern Classic: BMW R100R by Unik Edition

BMW R100R custom

A 1970s-inspired BMW straight out of Lisbon…

The BMW airhead has become a favorite platform among many custom builders. The boxer engine is one of the most iconic powerplants in motorcycling history, and riding one of these Bavarian brutes is an experience unto itself. That said, with so many airheads being put back on the road, it can be tough to achieve something that’s both unique and practical.

BMW R100R custom

Enter Tiago, Luis, and the rest of the crew at Portugal’s Unik Edition Custom Motorcycles, who’ve accomplished just that. Located in the country’s capital city of Lisbon, they’ve quickly been making a name for themselves not just in their home nation, but across Europe and the rest of the world. With this 1994 BMW R100R, the client wanted a reliable, slightly modernized but still classic BMW that could carry two passengers when necessary. Says Tiago:

“Already many boxer classic BMWs have been built, but we wanted to achieve something slightly different.”

BMW R100R custom

They’ve done achieved just that.  Their primary inspiration came from a pair of classic BMW pieces from the 1970s:  a headlight with integrated speedometer from the /5 models, and a narrow tank from the /6 models. They proceeded to build the bike around these two signature elements, adding unique elements such as the exhaust, a TIG-welded adaptation of a BMW R nineT ZARD exhaust!

Below, we get the full story on the build, as well as some stunning shots from Nelson Oliveira (

Custom BMW R100R: Builder Interview

BMW R100R custom

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike? Why did you choose it as the base?

1994 BMW R100R.

We wanted to have a BMW with a classic look but could also have a slightly more modern and reliable bike.

BMW R100R custom

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The customer briefing was simple, a classic BMW but with some modern upgrades and that could carry 1 or 2 persons. Already many boxer classic BMWs have been built, but we wanted to achieve something slightly different.

BMW R100R custom

The inspiration would have to be found within the BMW of the 1970s. Two pieces were the basis of the whole build, the 1970s BMW headlight with integrated speedometer from the /5 models, and the 1970s BMW narrow tank from the BMW /6 models.

BMW R100R custom

• What is the story behind the nickname “Suri”?

We have the tradition of inviting the owner to give the nickname. “Suri” is a special place in Japan and the nickname of the owners wife.

BMW R100R custom

• What custom work was done to the bike?

All clean custom builds always look like a simple builds, but most of the times it is the opposite. Almost everything is new!

BMW R100R custom

Some details:

-New adapted tank and headlight from 70’s.
-New sub-frame, fenders and battery box.
-New electric installation with retro illuminated push buttons.
-New table, risers, clutch and brakes.
-Vintage marchal auxiliary fog light.
-TIG-welded adaptation of BMW R nineT handmade ZARD exhaust.
-Removable passenger foot pegs and rear sets foot pegs for driver.
-Ohlins shock.
-Custom leather seat and paint job.

BMW R100R custom

• What is your favorite part of this build?

All the adaptation of the exhaust. Perfect fitting, 2×1 adaptation, sound.

BMW R100R custom


• What’s next for Unik Edition Custom Motorcycles?

Time to build again a cafe racer. Benelli 900 Sei, 6 cylinder.
We will keep our followers updated!

BMW R100R custom

Special Thanks to photographer

Nelson Oliveira of

Short Documentary about Unik Edition

By @fortyonemotors!

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