City Tracker: Honda GL125 by Jowo Kustom

Honda GL125 Tracker

A “super-lightweight” tracker built to beat city traffic…

The Honda GL125 is a small single-cylinder commuter popular in South America and Southeast Asia. What the bike lacks in size and power it makes up for in toughness and reliability. Says Deus of their own GL:

“The humble Honda GL125, this reworked 70’s single cylinder commuter bike just never lets you down when you go to kick her over. Loyal as a trusty dog and perfect for early morning surf checks or afternoon beach blasts.”

Honda GL125 Tracker

Enter Yohanes “Anes” Marse of Indonesia’s Jowo Kustom, who opened his workshop in 2014 and credits his country’s many talented builders with influencing him to “build motorcycles as an art of the soul.” This build was commissioned by a loyal client and friend who wanted a “super-lightweight” street tracker that could blast through city traffic jams.

Honda GL125 Tracker

The donor is a 2004 Honda GL125, and the customizations were extensive, including everything from a new subframe and stainless steel exhaust to the custom gas tank and swing arm. Much of the build was aimed at making the tracker lightweight and minimalist, right down to the sky blue and gray colorway.

Below, we get the full story on this 125cc city tracker!

Honda GL125 City Tracker: Builder Interview

Honda GL125 Tracker

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

First, my name is Yohanes Marse, but my friends called me Anes. My workshop has been operating since 2014 as custom culture workshop. I saw the scene of custom culture in Indonesia was spreading and growing so well. Many talented local crafters have influenced me to build motorcycles as an art of soul. I have two partners and some additional partners who always help me with my works, a good team.

Honda GL125 Tracker

Whats the make, model, and year of the bike?

The bike was based by 2004 Honda GL125.

Honda GL125 Tracker

Who did you build this bike for?

This is a loyal customer project. He is my friend also. He gave trust to build several bike and this is the latest project for him.

Honda GL125 Tracker

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

A super-lightweight and clean tracker. This bike proposed to cross the traffic jams in the city. So he can chase time whenever he wants to go.

What custom work was done to the bike?

Totally cut down the subframe and replaced it with a new wavy subframe. I just tried to make this bike have a super-lightweight look. And also as simple as possible.

Honda GL125 Tracker

Putting light colors into the paint job was also an important thing. Sky blue and grey was a great color combination. The front and rear wheels are 350-19 and 400-17. Stainless steel full exhaust system. Custom gas tank. Custom swing arm. Custom seat. It was about personal taste.

Honda GL125 Tracker

Does the bike have a nickname? What does it mean?

His name is KLIWON. It is a name from Javanese calculation system of date or calendar. It means ‘stand’. And the day this bike “stood” was Kliwon. So meaningful hah.

Honda GL125 Tracker

How would you classify this bike?

It’s a Tracker.

Honda GL125 Tracker

Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

We were so happy that we could bring what he wanted to life. Yes, just as he wanted. And proudly, this bike won 3rd place for Best Tracker at the East Java Automotive Festival.

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