Flatbanger: BMW R100R Supermoto by Rind Performance

BMW R100 Supermoto

Flatbanger: A Supermoto-inspired Airhead from Germany…

The BMW R100 was the last of the legendary BMW airheads, featuring a 980cc flat-twin boxer engine and BMW Paralever rear suspension coupled with a single-sided swingarm. The engine made a balanced 60-ish horsepower and 55 ft-lb of torque — and has one of the most powerful cult followings in motoring history.

BMW R100 Supermoto

Enter Robin Ludwig, the 26 y.o. tuner/customizer behind Germany’s Rind Performance. While Robin only builds bikes as a hobby, he’s been quite prolific, customizing some 13 bikes in the last four years, working his way up from small displacement machines. In order, his builds have included:

 “A 125cc Honda Rebel, then a 125cc Yamaha SR125, CB400 Four, XV750, Suzuki LS, Yamaha XS750, 2x BMW R60’s, CB750 F1, 2x BMW R100’s, CB550, this BMW100R, and currently a BMW R65 and Yamaha XV750.”

Quite the stable! What’s more, Robin doesn’t confine himself to two wheels. In fact, we’re a bit envious to learn he owns one of the great 80s icons…turbocharged:

“In addition to motorcycles, I also tune cars like my BMW E30 M3 with a turbo engine and around 640HP.”

Although he’s tackled many different makes and models, Robin has an obvious affinity for BMW machines. The build you see here began a late-model BMW R100R that had been in an accident. Says Robin:

“Design concept was based on a supermoto / café racer with good driving characteristics and boxer motor.”

BMW R100 Supermoto

Only the engine is now original. The frame has been modified, forks shortened, and the bike now sports a 17-inch supermoto wheelset with a 5″ wide rim at the rear.

BMW R100 Supermoto

More supermoto-inspired modifications follow, including an SM handlebar, Husqvarna rear fender, high exhaust to keep the rear tire free, and a rear disc brake… Given the flat twin boxer engine at the heart of the build, Robin has nicknamed the build “Flatbanger.”

“From a 2V tourer to puristic driving machine only for fun and inspiring look ;)”

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