The Last Dominator: Honda NX650 by Andrew Greenland

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

The 14th and final Dominator build from an NX master…

The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of the most popular donors for modern scrambler builds. The XR650-derived engine is nigh indestructible, with decent punch and dual exhaust ports, and the chassis can hammer through urban traffic or weekend trails with equal enthusiasm.

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

Enter Andrew Greenland of Wales, one of the earliest builders to see the potential in the platform.  Andrew is a dozer driver by day whose Honda builds have been featured in publications all around the world, including Bike EXIF and Pipeburn. We’ve been honored to showcase three of his more recent builds:

Today, we’re proud and a tad misty-eyed to feature Andrew’s 14th (!) and final Dominator build, a ’93 NX650 street scrambler that recalls the Honda CR250 Elsinore of the 1970s, featuring Elsinore side panels, front fender, and a chrome tank. Says Andrew:

“This one will be my last NX build as I have done so many now (14!) and I work away from home a lot these days…”

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

The donor was a bit of a gamble — a non-runner with a low-mileage engine out of a later bike:

“Got it up and running eventually and sure enough motor sounds sweet!”

Once he had the bike running, Andrew got to work on the customization side. The bike’s hubs have been re-laced to dual 17-inch rims, given the bike something of a supermoto stance despite the chunky big-block tires, and the suspension and brakes have been reconditioned but remain stock, easing maintenance for the future owners.

Honda NX650 Scrambler

The paint is Andrew’s own work, accomplished with his “ever-faithful rattle tins,” and it’s also the first time he’s built a bike with both full fenders and lighting. That isn’t the only first in this last Dominator build — for once, he intends to keep this one!

“I have built many of these bikes now but have never managed to hang on to one so this is gonna be mine!”

Below, we get more details on this bittersweet build, the last Dominator from a master of the form.

Custom Honda Dominator: In the Builder’s Words

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

Sure thing, bike started out as a stock 93’ nx650 dominator, both wheels were then rebuilt with 17” rims, rear frame section was cut and adjusted for new ride height and to accommodate the new seat tank and fender etc.

This is first time I’ve built a bike with both fenders and full electrics – indicators etc.

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

Suspension was then reconditioned but remains stock as do the brakes, I try to keep everything as standard as possible for ease of maintenance for the future owners.

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

Motor came from a low mileage bike with only 4k miles so everything was spot on. I always thoroughly flush the engine and frame with at least two oil and filter changes and replace the clutch plates.

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator

Parts used….

  • Front fender – 1973 CR250 Elsinore
  • Rear fender – 1970’s YZ125
  • Side panels – reproduction 1975 CR250
  • Seat from ebay
  • Tank CG125 copy chrome
  • Exhaust – downpipes cb500, mid section – RG250 gamma, finished with a Supertapp end cap.

Honda NX650 Scrambler

As always all paintwork carried out by myself with my ever faithful rattle tins.

This one will be my last NX build as I have done so many now (14!) and I work away from home a lot these days (dozer driver).

Honda NX650 Scrambler

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  1. I would like take this moment to thank Andrew for all he has contributed to the NX650 custom build community. There is no one out there, more generous and willing to share advice from his extensive experience with these bikes.

  2. You enjoy this one Andrew there a credit to you

  3. Arthur conrod

    Do you want to sell your angle grinder andrew…..i think not.

  4. robert treacher

    I love the look of the bike .would exhaust system fit my 1996 nx650 honda dominator

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