Black Mamba: Honda CBR929RR by RW Motorcycles

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

Inspired by the world’s fastest, most dangerous snake…

In 2000, at the very outset of the 21st century, Honda introduced the CBR929RR — the fifth-generation of the Fireblade series of open-class sport bikes, and the first to wear the RR suffix. The 929cc machine boasted 152 bhp — the highest peak output in the class — along with a lightweight twin-spar aluminum frame and pivotless swingarm design. Said moto journalist Ron Lieback, who owns one of these machines:

“The 929 was everything needed back then, the size and agility of a 600 with the power/speed of a liter bike. And it had fuel injection, which placed it leagues ahead of Yamaha’s R1 at the time…” —Ultimate Motorcycling

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

Enter our buddy Francisco from Portugal’s Rusty Wrench Motorcycles — aka RW Motorcycles — a custom workshop, apparel brand, and brick-and-mortar store for bike lovers on the country’s lovely Algarve coast. For this build, Francisco wanted to build a futuristic machine based on one of the world’s most deadly (and beautiful) snakes:

“The Black Mamba is an aggressive and powerful snake, as well as this bike. We based all the colors of the bike on the real snake, which are black, grey and gold.”

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

Truly, it would be tough to think of a better bike to represent the crouched power and rapid strike of the mamba. The 929 has a custom subframe, tail, and seat; a handmade front fender and fairing, rectifier cover, license plate support, air intake, custom paint, and more.

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

Below, we get a few more details from Francisco about the build.

Custom CBR929: Builder Interview

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

I consider it a concept bike, which is a futuristic design.

Honda CBR929 Cafe Racer

• What is the story behind the nickname “Black Mamba”?

The Black Mamba is an aggressive and powerful snake, as well as this bike. We based all the colors of the bike on the real snake, which are black, grey and gold.

Black Mamba


• How would you classify this bike?

Concept bike.

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

We are proud of the overall balance. The whole structure of it and the final work left us all very proud.

• What’s next for Rusty Wrench Motorcycles?

In terms of new projects, soon we will present you another bike “Bushido” — a tribute to Suzuki Katana.

In terms of business we are now focus on our clothes brand, exclusive of our store and trying to bring our business more and more online, as times demand. Check out our collection here:

Build Sheet

Motorcycle Brand/Model: Honda CBR929
Year: 2001
Nickname: Black Mamba
Customized by: Rusty Wrench Motorcycles


The handmade parts were all done in sheet metal, such as:

  • Subframe
  • Rear cover of the subframe
  • Front fairing
  • Cover of the rectifier
  • Air intake of the gas tank
  • License plate support
  • Seat


  • MOTOGADGET turn signals
  • KOSO Digital Speedometer DB EX-02
  • DOMINO throttle
  • The levers are the original but took a special touch. The handlebar switches were replaced and the start button is now on the Honda symbol on the triple tree
  • The front fender is from a Ducati
  • The color of the motorcycle was based on the black mamba — two tones of black, gloss and matte, dark grey, and a little bit of gold
  • The exhaust ends are SC-Project mufflers
  • The seat is made in alcantara and leather

Follow the Builder

RW Motorcycles
Instagram: @rwmotorcycles
Facebook: rwmotorcycles2015

Photographer credits:
Paulo Teixeira
Instagram: @pauloteixeiraphotography


  1. A not-visually-stunning (or grabby) bike that has excellent lines. A subdued, svelte bike that has a pure, integrated concept. The subframe/seat works perfect with the frame, swingarm, and front fairing. The best rear license plate bracket hanging off the swingarm I’ve ever seen, precisely because it doesn’t radiate from the rear axle like all the others, which look horrible. Only thing I’d change is the muffler; I’d do a custom arrangement of short pipes exiting both sides under the swingarm, cool would be to have the outlets look like snake eyes.

  2. And, what is the scoop down by the lower, right hand side of the engine?

  3. Superb. I have to learn how to work on sheet metal.

  4. Nevyl Banks

    Very nice build, looks great. Best rear plate/ light holder ever, agree with Weelz270 on that item. One thing I hate, wrapped header pipes especially on road/performance bikes. Daggy and very uncool. I would love to hear it at full song, that would be a buzzz!

    • Glad we’re in accord re those rear plate holders, Nevyl. I was recently at the dealership with my brother, who hasn’t been around modern bikes much, and he made loud proclamation (there were probably 15 other people within earshot, it’s a large place) how absolutely ugly the various swingarm mounted plate holders were. Can’t remember exactly what bikes we saw that had them, doesn’t matter as this Black Mamba is the only one whose arrangement I’ve ever liked.

  5. Do you guys sell the front cowl headlight fairing? I would like to get that for my 97 gsxr 1100-w. How much does it cost?

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