Tamarit Gullwing: 300 SL-Inspired Triumph Thruxton!

Triumph Thruxton Custom

A custom Triumph Thruxton inspired by the Mercedes Gullwing…

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is one of the most iconic automobiles of all time, offered as a gull-winged coupe from 1954-1957 and roadster from 1957-1963. It was based on the 1952 Mercedes W194 race car, the company’s first post-WWII entry in sportscar racing, which racked up wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nürburgring, and Mexico’s Carrera Panamericana. The 300 SL (“Super-Light”) boasted a lightweight tubular frame atop a steel chassis, many aluminum body components, a 3-liter 240-hp overhead cam straight-six engine, mechanical fuel injection, and a top speed of 163 mph — the fastest production car of the era. It has since been voted the “Sports Car of the Century,” and is one of the most recognizable cars in history.

Triumph Thruxton Custom

Enter our friends from Tamarit Motorcycles, who’ve grown from a cramped workshop in Alicante, Spain, producing a series of handmade parts, into one of the world’s foremost Triumph custom builders and parts manufacturers, complete with their own showroom, shop bar, and company headquarters in Elche, Spain. Like many motorcycle aficionados, the Tamarit team also appreciate beautiful, iconic, and history-making automobiles. So they decided to build an homage to the Mercedes Gullwing:

“Tamarit didn’t replicate a bike of their own, but we wanted to pay tribute to, in our humble opinion, the most beautiful and iconic car ever made. Creamos joyas.”

They sought to represent their favorite car in two-wheeled format with a Triumph Thruxton 900. They closely studied the design of the Mercedes icon, the lines and contours that define the car’s shape, in order to reproduce a Triumph bodykit that would echo and honor the Gullwing:

“The main feature was obviously the ‘wings,’ and that is why the one-piece body, raised by hydraulics, was the first to be included, just like the Mercedes doors and the classic tyres that provide the vintage feeling.”

Tamarit refuses to make the same custom bike twice, but for this special occasion, they decided to produce a 9-unit limited series that will be released in the same nine colors that Mercedes used for the 300 SL!

Tamarit Gullwing Spec Sheet:

Triumph Thruxton Custom

– 78 HP
– Triumph Thruxton 900cc Engine – Carburetor
– Full engine dismantled and asembled back
– One-piece hydraulic bodywork
– European road/street legal certificate
– Modified frame
– Gel cushion seat
– KN Power Filters
– Improved Intake Exhausts
– Motogadget devices and ECU
– Kustom Tech levers and brake cylinder
– Hagon Nitro Shock absorbers
– Custom Alluminum Triple Tee
– Tamarit Speedster Exhausts
– Victory Classic TT Tyres
– Galfer brake disks
– Chromed Damper

Learn more about the Tamarit Gullwing here!

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  1. What a lovely well proportioned bike. The detail looks spot on.
    I’m sorry but I’m just not getting the Gullwing thing though!

  2. Nevyl Banks

    please explain the springs on the upper forks and what is the human hand holding in one of the pictures, Otherwise a nice looking build, Congrats.

    • The fork uppers are showcasing the exposed springs for the front suspension,
      and the hooman is wielding an electronic key fob to enable the ignition.

  3. i looked hard to find the gullwing connection….does the photographer have remote flash?….if you stick a flash behind the bike then you get silhouette, so we might have a chance to see whats going on

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