VX Traveler: Cagiva 900 Scrambler

Cagiva Scrambler

Venier Customs builds a 1999 Cagiva custom… 

The Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 was a large-scale dual-purpose / adventure bike powered by the formidable air-cooled V-twin from Ducati’s 900SS. The Ducati 90° “L-twin” was fitted with Cagiva’s own airbox and exhaust, as well as a Weber-Marelli fuel injection system, and made 73 horsepower and 55 pound-feet of torque — good for a quarter-mile time of 12.8 seconds. What’s more, a different exhaust and F.I. remap could easily tack on another 12 bhp.

Cagiva Scrambler

While the bike wasn’t as agile as the lighter dual-sports, it was fast, slick-shifting, and highly stable in the corners. The big Italian trail bike was quiet at lower speeds, not attracting too much attention from the local constabulary, but one torque of the throttle could bring the 904cc desmo beast life:

“Character-wise, I see it less an Urban Guerrilla and more of a refined Mafia hit man in a handmade Italian suit; at ease in elegant surroundings but never afraid to mix it up with the rough crowd. This would be the perfect motorbike for the next James Bond thriller. If I were forced to limit myself to one motorcycle, this athletic bruiser from Cagiva would be a strong contender.” –Gary Charpentier, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly

Cagiva Scrambler

The bike you see here, the “VX Traveler,” is a custom adventure / scrambler built by Stefano Venier of Venier Customs.

“While based in New York, the company exports one-off custom motorcycles all over the world, many on commission. Venier has honed his focus on a profound exploration of modern design and traditional aesthetics, the expression of which can be found in a limited offering of custom motorcycles built from vintage and new motorcycles already existing in the market. Only high-quality materials, mainly aluminum and carbon fiber, are used in redesigning the aesthetics, components and chassis.” –Venier website

Cagiva Scrambler

This bike, which was originally totaled, was built by Venier Customs in Northern Italy in 2018 and imported into the US in 2019. The fuel-injected Ducati 900SS engine has been rebuilt, and the the tank, fenders, and side covers are handmade aluminum, finished in Fiat Abarth Grey with gold accents.

Cagiva Scrambler

The bike is now running a Mass Moto exhaust, Motogadget speedo and lighting, carbon fiber engine covers, and removable Kappa K’Force aluminum panniers.

“This lightweight blend of components makes for a bike that is incredibly agile, fun and comfortable to ride, and it can easily handle touring two-up.” —Mecum

Cagiva Scrambler

The VX Traveler was featured in the 2020 One Moto Show and hit the auction block at Mecum’s Monterey 2021 event, where it was bid up to $6500 but “the bid goes on.” You can view more at Mecum.com.

VX Traveler Highlights

  • Marzocchi 45mm fork and Sachs shocks
  • Nissin brakes with aftermarket rotors
  • Tank, fenders, and side covers are hand made of aluminum finished in Fiat Abarth Grey with gold accents
  • Custom shortened sub-frame
  • Custom headlight bucket
  • Hand-stitched custom seat in Italian leather
  • Aluminum handlebars
  • Mass Moto custom exhuast
  • Motogadget digital speedometer, turn signals, and recessed mounted brake light
  • Carbon fiber engine cover components
  • Removable Kappa K’Force aluminum panniers and removable custo- milled aluminum bracket
  • Tires virtually new
  • “Totaled – Reconstructed” on title

Follow the Builder

Web: www.venier-motorcycles.com
Facebook: @venier.motorcycles
Instagram: @venier_motorcycles

Photos: ikon.productions | @ikon.productions_



  1. Fantastic mafia boss bike! I love the way your black stripe on the tank mirrors the rake of the forks.

  2. A real winner, here. Subdued and classy. Looks inviting. Rare bike (not common in the US). Glad Kevin pointed out the tank stripe/fork rake match. Love the colors. And for once, excellent pics that actually work with a “dark” background. Also unusual is how the headlight shell works on this build; I’ve seen that style not work, before.

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