Wildsville Scramble 2021!

Wildsville Scramble 2021
Photos by Joe Jackson (@jackson_foto).

60s-style “Run What Ya Brung” Scramble from Brother Moto & Friends!

This past Halloween weekend, we loaded up the van and headed to Butler, Georgia for the inaugural Wildsville Scramble, hosted by our friends from Atlanta’s Brother Moto:

“The Wildsville Scramble is a call back to the cross-country racing of the 1960’s, embodying the spirit of ‘run what ya’ got’ rather than purpose built machines. A weekend of racing and camping on a 180 acre farm amongst the rolling hills of South Georgia.”

Wildsville Scramble 2021

The setting was Wildsville Farm, a private moto-camp in rural Georgia created by our incredibly talented friend Chastin Brand, one of the country’s most well-respected hand painters / pinstripers. Also the setting for the annual MX5000, Wildsville has a laid back, vintage-friendly vibe, and it’s home to a flat track, vintage-style motocross course, and a fairly gnarly woods / grasstrack course.

Wildsville Scramble 2021

The Brother Moto crew worked hard to put on a fun, inclusive event, complete with classes for just about anything with two wheels — a true “what ya brung” event.

Wildsville Scramble 2021

Race Classes

Newbie – Light / Heavy
Costume – Open
– Open
– Open
“British Invasion” 
– Open to all British bikes
Mini – 200cc and less
Proper Dirt Bikes – Pre 1984 / 1985 – 1998 / 1999 – Current
Choppers/cruisers – Open
Street Tires – Open (No Dual Sport Tire )
 ( Street Bikes W/ Knobbies ) – Light / Mid / Heavy

There was also a costume contest, camping, and an “Open Swim” session when non-racers could try out the race course.

Wildsville Scramble 2021

The scramble course itself was one of the most entertaining ones we’ve experienced, complete with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” fork where riders could opt for the “Long and Easy” grasstrack section or “Short and Hard” creek-crossing section. The track included parts of the MX course, woods, an old loading dock, and lots of slippery grass track.

Wildsville Scramble 2021

BikeBound was happy to help sponsor the event, and our Editor-in-Chief Taylor Brown raced his 1985 Honda XR350R (also his daily commuter) in the “Proper Dirt Bikes 1985 – 1998” class.

“My favorite on-track moment had to be in our first heat race. I made a wrong turn on the first lap and had to play catch up. I was feeling good by the final lap, making it back to what I thought was second place in our heat. I took the ‘Long and Easy’ route, thinking I shouldn’t risk getting caught in the creeks, when Karina Strack shot out of the ‘Short and Hard’ section ahead of me on her XR100! She’d crashed in the first turn, switched bikes, and blasted her way through the pack, making that badass last lap pass — such a boss move!”

Wildsville Scramble 2021

Our friend and killer photographer/designer Joe Jackson (@jackson_foto) shot the event, and these photographs are all courtesy of him. We hope y’all enjoy these scenes from the event.

Wildsville Scramble 2021

Come on out next year, or if you’re too far away, we hope the Wildsville Scramble might inspire you to create a similar event in your local area!

Jared Needs Our Help…

Jared Erickson (@alliswell), the fearless leader of Brother Moto and main planner behind the Wildsville Scramble, was injured the week before the event. His friends and family have set up a GoFundMe here. If you can swing it, Jared is an amazing fella, a backbone of the moto community, and we’d sure appreciate the support. Here’s a message from Dutch Van De Steeg:

Jared Erickson, Proprieter of Brother Moto, friend, and overall amazing person needs our help. A man who built a community by serving others, Jared never misses the opportunity to pick up a stranded rider, lend a tool, advice, or give to a charity in need now needs his Brothers and Sisters to return the favor.

Jared recently had a motorcycle accident while spending his own time building the Wildville Scramble event for others to enjoy their weekend. In an accident, he fractured two vertebrae in his neck, slipped disk, and broke a rib. With no insurance, the surgery, rehab, and associated bills will be many.

Rebekah has done an amazing job helping through this and she’ll need our help as well.

Jared has consistently (and with the help of friends) built a meaningful motorcycle group not only in Atlanta but around the world. Truthfully, we could fill a book on the many ways Jared has helped others. It’s time we return his many favors. – Dutch Van De Steeg

⚡️Jared’s GoFundMe Campaign⚡️

Will You Marry Me?

The event was extra special for a couple of the racers. After Tori’s first-ever motocross race, her beau Mercer was waiting at the finish line with ring in hand!

Wildsville Scramble 2021

Wildsville Scramble 2021

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  1. Alan Hesketh

    That’s what it’s all about , get out there and have some fun , absolutely brilliant . Who cares about the wrapped in cotton wool health & safety police , I need to take part in one of these in the UK with my young sons on their 70’s 2st trail bikes .
    Love it , very jealous .

  2. Love it! The high tech paper plate number signs are great! Every bike you could imagine.

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