Muscle + Elegance: FCR Original’s “Graphic Bobber”

Triumph Bobber Custom

A Triumph Bonneville Bobber from FCR Original… 

In 2017, the Triumph Bobber hit the scene with a 1200cc “High Torque” parallel-twin engine and “post-war” styling that recalled the early bobbers of the era after WWII. Though some diehards were initially wary of a “factory bobber,” the Triumph has proven itself to legions of riders, combining old-school style with modern power and performance.

A fantastic modern take on the bobber style that delivers on every single front so well it could actually convert those who previously sneered at this kind of bike…” —MCN

Triumph Bobber Custom

The HT engine offers 10% more power in the lower rev range than the Bonneville, making 76 bhp and a stout 78.2 ft-lb of torque. What’s more, the Bobber can actually handle:

“With its bespoke chassis and suspension, the Bobber actually goes, corners and steers like a sweet-handling roadster. It’s hard not to be in a constant state of disbelief that something that looks so bobbersome can perform so well.” —MCN

Triumph Bobber Custom

The Bobber has also proven to be a great canvas for custom builders.  Today, we have the new “Graphic Bobber” from our friends at France’s FCR Original, who’ve earned a reputation for turning out some of the world’s most popular Triumph customs.

Triumph Bobber Custom

Their goal was to bring out both the muscle and elegance of the stock Bobber, lightening the visual signature and giving the bike a very high degree of finish. They custom-shaped a rear shell, which extends the nubuck saddle, and gave both the new tail section and fuel tank a gorgeous purple patterned paint job.


As befits a bobber, the bike is running shorter fenders, well-matched to the 17-inch wheels and meaty Michelin Road 5 tires, and the bike sports a custom exhaust system built in-house.

All in all, this is one Triumph Bobber that oozes power and class.

“Graphic Bobber”: In the Builder’s Words…

Custom Triumph Bobber


FCR Original has transformed Triumph’s authentic muscle bike into a piece of fine jewelry. A bike with a high degree of finish, particularly inspired and daring for a result halfway between England and the USA.

Triumph Bobber Custom

The purple paintwork enhanced by its patterns brings contrast and originality to this muscle bike, creating a subtle blend of modernity and authenticity.

Custom Triumph Bobber

If the elegance suits it perfectly, this creation remains a Bobber with a strong character: 17 inch wheels and inverted fork, for a general line more inclined towards the front, giving it a racy look.

Custom Triumph Bobber

Our workshop also wanted to lighten the look of this bike by giving it shorter mudguards, as well as our in-house exhaust system giving it a unique sound.


The rear shell, custom-made in the same pattern as the tank, elegantly extends the nubuck seat.

Triumph Bobber Custom

Michelin continues to be our choice for tyres, and this bike equipped with Michelin Road 5 rubber.

Build Sheet

• Inverted fork with black DLC treatment
• Brembo brake
• Beringer master cylinder
• Custom fork crown
• Custom front mudguard
• Custom made cockpit
• Radiator grill
• Engine block
• Exhaust line
• K&N air filter
• Leather upholstery
• Custom rear shell
• Modified mudguard
• Tail light with integrated turn signals mini bates
• Belt kit
• Michelin Road 6 tyre
• Shock absorber
• 17 inch rims
• Headlight grille
• Body paint

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  1. Belt drive on a Triumph. Good idea if you’re riding on red carpet

  2. Pity not a single full shot from left side of the bike (apart from partial) . There must be a reason behind ! But what is seen from other shots nice bike . Thnx bikebound for posting

  3. This is beautiful and shapely. There’s some Confederate Cycles dna, here, which I really like. Typically the back of bobber single seats is meh and not too polished, this one is done very well (I don’t like the side profile, but from the back it’s a winner).

    I agree with Serge that the lack of pics of the left side is a major lack.

    On another note, I hope no one paid ridiculous money for that ridiculous chiseled pencil sculpture in the background. Definitely not pleasing to the eye.

  4. Steven Sullivan

    I love the bobber looks. I’m a muscle bike fan. I don’t like the space between the seat and the rear fender. Alot of new bobbers going with this look. I liked it better when the seat and fender met. No opening under the seat. That minimumist look isn’t a better look in my opinion. Triumph makes some beautiful bikes.

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